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Fill in the form with a bit of info about you and the campaign you are looking to run.

We’ll set up the influencer brief and send for your approval. When you’ve approved the brief, the campaign is ready to go live.

The campaign goes live and influencers start pitching in content – We approve the posts matching the brief.

When the campaign is finished, we’ll wrap up everything in a KPI report and send it to you.


Examples of campaigns booked 

Kop & Kande

Get influencers to share their summer experience with Eva Solo drinking bottle


Restaurant KÖD

Create a social media buzz and content aorund the opening of our new KöD restaurant



Create a social media buzz and content aorund Hairlust hair growth formula


Grøn koncert

Get influencers to share their concert experience at Grøn koncert

Get influencers to visit and share our stores when we launch our AW 18 collection



Create a social media buzz and content aorund Urtekram used in streetfood


Cholula Hot Sauce

Create a social media buzz when we launch our new Cholula Hot Sauce


Jack & Jones

Get influencers down in our Copenhagen store and share the F1 car



Our campaign setup and pricing is simple.

Campaign setup - one time 
There’s a one-time fixed campaign setup fee of € 200, which includes: full service handling and having your campaign featured in front of your target group of influencers in our community app.

Campaign running - per approved post 
When the campaing is running, you only pay € 90 per approved and shared post, which includes: influencer payment, product shipping and copyright for all the shared images.

Example of a campaign's total cost and outcome:

  • Influencers: 30
  • Content: 30 approved posts (incl image copyrights)
  • Reach: 100.000 followers

  • Engagement: 7%

  • Total costs:  Setup fee € 200 + 30x € 90 = € 2.900

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What our customers and Brandheroes are saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

To us, what is special about working with Brandheroes, is not only the influencer service and support, but also the continuous advice on digital developments within retail. That’s the reason why we collaborate with Brandheroes on global omnichannel roll out for all of our stores – with an anchoring in our local heroes Henning Nielsen

Omni Channel Manager, Jack & Jones

We have a great collaboration with our beauty squad of Brandheroes across the country. They really make a difference – and we can see it in the numbers. The fact that 4 out of our 5 top performing stores in 2017 ran a Brandheroes ambassador program says it all! Marianne Gullov

Communications manager, The Body Shop

The Brandheroes team are very good at making you feel talented and special, so I found myself feeling more confident and inspired. It’s amazing to get recognition, feedback, tips and tricks. Personally, these messages have made my day every time! Astrid Brynnum Andersen

Brandhero, @astridandersenb

I found a natural fit with Brandheroes; combining the same vision regarding online & social media content. Finding one another and working together professionally to create quality and well-thought-out content only reinforced the motivation to create. Quinten Van Puyenbroeck

Brandhero, @Quintenvp

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we really only pay for the approved posts?
Yes, you only pay for the post we approve.
What do you mean by full service?
Full service means that we take care of everything. We set up the campaign and make sure that influencers in your target group pitch in posts. We’ll even approve the post for you and send you a nicely wrapped KPI report at the end of the the campaign.
Can I use my Brandheroes content across my own channels?
Yes. All ambassadors have signed our terms and conditions. This means that you can use their content.
Do you also take care of payment to the influencers?
Yes. The price includes our service fee and payment to the influencers.
How do you make sure that only influencers within our target group pitch campaign content?
All our Brandheroes are carefully categorised in relevant lifestyle categories (e.g. sport, fashion, kids, interior, food, etc.) and further filtered by gender, age and location. This way, you can target your campaign to be featured in front of, let’s say, males over 25 years of age in Boston, who love sport and fashion. These guys will then pitch posts for your approval.
What about sponsored posts and the marketing law?
Since we are sponsoring influencers, they are required to use an #ad or #sponsored tag in the begining of the caption or in the customized branded filter.
What are branded filters?
Branded filters are an easy way to strengthen your message visually. It’s a graphical tool that can be placed on top of photos and work as an integrated element of your influencers posts. It could come in the shape of a custom-made stamp, a logo, a call to action, a mask – whatever conveys your campaign message in a strong visual way.

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