Gifts With Purpose

Gifts With Purpose

The Body Shop Christmas calendar gift-set of 2017 made you step out of the comfort zone with daily tasks like “smile at the first person you see today”  

The Body Shop named their Christmas calendar “The 25-day game-changing advent-ure”. The goal of the calendar was to impact the world, around each consumer, by positive reminders to do good on a daily basis –together with a sample-sized product.

This is a brand-new take on the annual advent calendar, which all brands could be doing to stay on top of the demands. Introducing a daily “dare” to spread the Christmas spirit and become better at doing good towards others, will eventually create an emotional remembrance of the brand. By evoking an emotional reaction from the customer, the brand will create a much bigger and deeper impact toward a solid lasting relationship.


Find an emotional goal for your product. 

If you asked someone to name what The Body Shop is selling, they would most likely say ‘a good shampoo, a wonderful mask and maybe even a hand cream’. But is there more? By explicitly implanting their company purpose on packaging by positive encouragements and call-outs, The Body Shop brings their mission to life through thousands of people.


What is your purpose? Can you make it actionable? Can people join in? Then you can start a movement. Reach out for emotional connections with your customers, and see how much more your brand can do for people.


See for yourself how well this advent calendar made it, together with Brandheroes via the power of ONMI influencers HERE.



Break Open Your Product Launch

Break Open Your Product Launch



The Chocolate heart, which Kim Kardashian used to promote her new fragrance.

Its never been more fun to break a heart.

The queen of Instagram Kim Kardashian West has recently developed a new line of female fragrances, as a follow-up to her incredibly successful “KKW Beauty” line. At the launch, she shipped boxes out with giant chocolate hearts shaped as her new fragrance to celebrities and influencers.

The heart came with a hammer with a logo imprinted, which were meant to be smashed into the hard chocolate heart to reveal the fragrance that was hiding within the shell. This whole experience shipped to the influencers where so meaningful and fun that it generated many viral videos of people unboxing this product by Kim Kardashian herself.

This is experience marketing – with life and excitement. Chase your consumers with something spectacular, and wait for your great reaction like Kim Kardashian did.

Credit: “Kim Kardashian West, KKW Beauty”

What’s your brand’s intimacy potential?

What’s your brand’s intimacy potential?

The marketplace is constantly evolving and we see a change in how consumers interact, buy and use brands. One of the biggest indicators of purchase today is how we feel about a brand, and that’s why it has never been more important as a brand to be interacting, relatable and engaging in order to create long-time bonds with their consumers.

By incorporating micro influencers into your marketing strategy, you can meet consumers’ growing urge for intimacy. Micro influencers are great at creating relevant and trustworthy content that will strengthen the emotional connection between the consumers and your brand.

Likeable, relatable and shareable content.

    Europe’s fastest growing company

    Europe’s fastest growing company

    If you were ever in doubt that instagram and influencer marketing could make and change a business on large scale – doubt no more. have just announced the top 500 fastets growing companies in Europe.

    And the Swedish watch company Daniel Wellington is on top with a reported growth of 4,695% over the last three years.

    Daniel Wellington was founded in 2011 by Filip Tysander and is known to have created most of their success through Instagram influencers. How else can something as old school as an analogue wrist watch brand be the fastest growing company in a high tech time? 

    Here are a few of the impressive numbers Daniel Wellington have built up on Instagram.

    3.9 million followers @Danielwellington

    1.5 Million #Danielwellington

    50 Thousands #DWPickoftheday


    Facebook’s Latest Changes Impact Influencers

    Facebook’s Latest Changes Impact Influencers

    Facebook just announced that they will change their algorithm to promote more personal content rather than news and brand pages. 

    In this Forbes article, Keenan Beasley shares his thoughts about how it will impact Instagram and influencers 

    Since Instagram’s algorithm is beginning to mirror Facebook’s more and more, expect to see more organic content from people, and less from brands and businesses in 2018. What must be noted during this change is that Influencers are, and have always been people first, and content marketers second. Every influencer, no matter what the niche, has their own content style that, for whatever reason, resonated with their audience and caused that audience to explode. These influencers and their audiences will garner even more attention with their organic content, while similar, non-paid content from businesses and brands will suffer.