IKEA एक्सप्रेस

IKEA एक्सप्रेस

IKEA has come to India. And they’re promoting their new store with colourful solar powered auto-rickshaws (tuk tuks) with the brand’s logo.

IKEA says “Hejsan allihopa” to the people of Mumbai with their very first store in the country. The new store is fully powered by 4.000 solar panels on the rooftop of the IKEA building, also giving life to 2.000 new tuk tuks made to deliver furniture and other goods to the city’s residents. These brand tuk tuks are small enough to get through the intense traffic of Mumbai, while still having room for stacked chairs and a few plastic plants.

With that number of vehicles, it won’t be long until every last Indian knows that IKEA has landed.

Can you deliver products locally through eco-friendly transportation? Creating awareness, service and great environmental CSR all together?

Supreme Times

Supreme Times

These days you can’t say New York without saying Supreme. Since 2010, this street fashion brand has managed to build an almost religiously devoted following  with their limited products launching weekly. They pretty much make the que for an iPhone release look like a Sunday picnic.

Last week, Supreme made one of the boldest marketing moves in the history of fashion. They bought the entire front and back cover of The New York Post and printed nothing but their iconic  red logo.

Now, that’s what we call iconic marketing. They managed to translate the whole culture around their brand and actualize the same hype in a $1 newspaper. It only took a few hours before the newspapers were sold out and were spotted on eBay for up to $19. That’s a 1900% price raise, in case you were wondering.

It’s always good to see others do the impossible and succeed – and now it’s proven to work. Can you imagine how everything would change if you bought the front and back cover of your local newspaper?

We sure can.

Pizza Party

Pizza Party

Finally, that little plastic table inside pizza boxes has its own little plastic chairs.

Boston Pizza has created chairs to accompany the teeny-tiny table that’s often found inside pizza boxes. The chairs were made in a 3D-printed material, using food-safe materials.

The Canadian pizza chain came up with this creative idea to make pizza-eating more fun, convenient and shareable.

Has it ever occurred to you, that your everyday items may look like something else? It’s not easy to find something new in something old, but give it a go. It might go viral.

Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up

Have you ever been late to dinner, grabbed a random gift and wrapped it up nicely to make it look way fancier than it was ever intended? A piece of candy – not that impressing. But the same candy wrapped in glossy paper – well, that’s a nice little treat.

The famed designer Rick Owens linked up with Barneys New York and made a gourmet fashion burger.

That’s right. Exclusively inside Barneys, you can get a Rick Owens cheeseburger with a heat-imprinted logo and fries piled like timber, all wrapped in licorice ribbon.

Instagrammers and influencers were amazed by the creativity. And as a result, they overflowed the Instagram Explore page, inspiring thousands of fashion fans around the world.

Today’s lesson: Embark on the trails of the unknown and discover hidden marketing triumphs in doing the unexpected.

Posters With Style

Posters With Style

Who said printed advertisement is dead?

Haircare specialist Toni&Guy just released a new campaign with eye-catching posters meant to decorate the walls of selected hair salons that sell their products. The collection consists of 25 posters, each with their own personal hairstyle.

Using low-cost advertising and making it priceless through creativity and innovation is an incredible achievement. We’re certainly inspired.

What can you do for your business with some paper and scissors?

Selling Your Body

Selling Your Body

Ever wondered what Kim Kardashian smells like?

We neither, but she piqued our interest after revealing her new fragrance, which comes in a bottle shaped like, well, her body. Yes, we’re serious.

With the confidence of a hundred women, Kim Kardashian has pushed the envelope a lot with her naked shots over the years. Remember her Paper magazine cover in 2015? It featured Kim literally butt-naked, covered in champagne. It pretty much took over the Internet and people still talk about it.

This time, Kim used her body as inspiration for the product’s packaging: a sculpture of her world-famous body. She live-streamed the entire process and fans were ecstatic, to say the least.

So, basically… How far will you go for hyping your products?