Clean Energy Surfboard?

Clean Energy Surfboard?

Tesla is famously playful when it comes to accessories accompanying their electric cars.

While we thought that Elon Musk would soon fly people to Mars, he instead released a carbon-based surfboard in the minimalistic and tech heavy Tesla form factor.

Elon Musk is pretty awesome. He plays by no rules, and his team creates new and exciting products all the time. So far they’ve made a $10.000 flamethrower, an underground elevator, and now a lightweight surfboard. The surfboard is manufactured by Tesla and uses the very same high-end engineering and materials used for both the space program and Tesla automobiles.

Why, you ask?

Because he can, and because people like to talk about silly and unexpected products once in a while.

Where can YOU go, as far as bringing unexpected products? It would make people talk for sure.

God Bless Basketball

God Bless Basketball

Nike has bought and repurposed an old Chicago church and turned it into a state-of-the-art basketball court. Hallelujah.

The 1885 Chicago church was bought and redecorated by the creative hands of Nike. The incredible church will now be the“Just Do It Headquarters” as a training hall for the local hoop teams. The place is open to the public and will in the future host events, concerts and training matches. This is just another way to advertise indirectly through buildings and local sport influence – something Nike is very good at.

Is there an old building in your town where your brand could bring new life and spirit into?

Tall, Grande, Starbucks Milano

Tall, Grande, Starbucks Milano

Extravagance in Milano is as big and fancy as it gets. Starbucks opens its most beautiful store in the Piazza district in Milano offering experiences never seen before.

The new Milan Roastery pays homage to the Italian coffee culture by offering customers an immersive coffee experience. It has it all and draws inspiration from its successful interactive Starbucks store in Shanghai.

This is so much more than just ordering a cup of coffee. It will have a giant visible coffee roaster in 24k gold, creating the perfect aroma in the whole café. The roastery will also have an authentic Italian ice cream bar serving coffee flavours from Starbucks – first of its kind globally. The store features stunning interior, all sourced from local Italian materials, and there will be a “Arriviamo Bar” serving cocktails and food.

What a place to visit for retail inspiration! Make sure to stop by next time you’re in Italy.

Just do it – Right?

Just do it – Right?

Nike have despite extreme political controversy chosen to have former NFL player Colin Kaepernick as front figure for their new campaign. This bold move has increased sales by 31% globally.

Colin Kaepernick billboards are seen everywhere in the world right now. Kaepernick created a lot of controversy after refusing to kneel for the American flag on National TV. Kaepernick is not a huge fan of the Trump administration either and was honoured by thousands for his courage to share his standpoint publically.

Nike made Colin Kaepernick the face of this campaign to declare their bold slogan: Just Do It. On the billboards it states a fitting quote from Colin himself: Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.

The stock price for Nike increased by 10% only 10 days after unveiling the billboards with Colin Kaepernick. They also saw an incredible 31% boost in global sales, thanks to the bold and politically controversial marketing billboards.

How can you put your foot down for something important and potentially see amazing results? It’s risky, but it’s possible.

Future of McDonald’s

Future of McDonald’s

McDonald’s have officially revealed their design and vision for the future. And it looks much more like a streamlined Apple store than a deep fried nugget vendor.

This is the public’s first look at a prototype and concept design for a McDonalds of the future.

With a high focus on industrial design and minimalistic dining, this store is a taste of what all American McDonald’s stores will look like from 2020. The menu contains more veggies and more organic food options than usual. The interior holds harvestable apple trees, wireless charging in the tables and a kitchen fully reliant on solar panels.

Visit the location in Chicago or just take a breathtaking look at the future of fast food.

Are you ready to change your business to fit the needs of the future?

IKEA एक्सप्रेस

IKEA एक्सप्रेस

IKEA has come to India. And they’re promoting their new store with colourful solar powered auto-rickshaws (tuk tuks) with the brand’s logo.

IKEA says “Hejsan allihopa” to the people of Mumbai with their very first store in the country. The new store is fully powered by 4.000 solar panels on the rooftop of the IKEA building, also giving life to 2.000 new tuk tuks made to deliver furniture and other goods to the city’s residents. These brand tuk tuks are small enough to get through the intense traffic of Mumbai, while still having room for stacked chairs and a few plastic plants.

With that number of vehicles, it won’t be long until every last Indian knows that IKEA has landed.

Can you deliver products locally through eco-friendly transportation? Creating awareness, service and great environmental CSR all together?