“Incredible” Snapchat

“Incredible” Snapchat

Snapchat celebrated the release of the new Disney Pixar movie “The Incredibles 2”, with new AR mode.

AR has still not gotten the shine it deserves, having more potential than momentum at this early stage. But Snapchat is indefinably the most widespread platform for AR animated 3D models.

On Snapchat, you can point your phone camera on a flat surface and have the whole Disney family walking around on your floor, garden or favorite café table. A pretty good and interactive way to bring the magic and ambiance of a movie into the real world, right in front of your eyes.

We believe that AR will change the game of the online interface. Are YOU ready for change?

Pocket Gameshow

Pocket Gameshow

Facebook just uncovered the future of face-to-face SoMe interaction. How? By injecting pure engagement, excitement, and involvement into the brand experience.

Going live has already proven to gather all of your brand disciples and give them a first-degree encounter with your company. It could be hosting a live-streamed store launch, interview or an intimate Q&A.

There’s never been a better time to be alive, with technology removing all borders between customers and brands. Next up is this new Gameshow feature that Facebook offers. Imagine hosting a live, interactive quiz, where you could ask your customers for upcoming product releases and brand-related questions!

We can’t wait to use this feature for personal and fun interaction online. Are you ready for it?



On the horizon, there are even more ways to sell directly on Instagram through your stories.

Instagram has promised to soon add a new feature, exposing the 300.000.000 daily story viewers worldwide to not only swipe up to learn more about a product but ad interactive stickers over multiple products in a story. This makes it easier to browse the shopping shelves directly in the platform.

It’ll be a free feature that everyone can use, unlike the “swipe up” feature exclusive to really big influencers. Louis Vuitton is already testing the feature with Instagram to fine-tweak it before the release.

Imagine if you could sell your products directly in stories. Wouldn’t that be great?



It’s been a mystery for all marketers and influencers how the Instagram algorithm decides what content will and will not be shown. Until now, that is. Because we’ ll share the secrets so you can finally tame that big social media monster.

It’s been revealed by Instagram that the algorithm is stimulated by 3 factors: Relations, Interest and Recency.

So, Recency means that if a post gets engagement right away, it will be featured to more people.

Relationship refers to the long-term loyalty that people have to a specific influencer. The longer and more engaging relationship, the more chance of future exposure.

Interest means that the app will show you the content of a specific interest that they think you would be interested in. It’s based on similar people’s prior behavior. This is why Brandheroes picks small influencers in direct interest groups as the campaign content. Because that ensures that the relevant followers will be exposed to the content.

Take these 3 parameters and work your strategy around them. We do that, and it’s a game changer.

Candy Aid

Candy Aid

Influencers skipped the Friday gummy bears and saved starving kids in Africa & Yemen.

Who said influencers can’t change the world while changing the game of marketing? UNICEF recently launched a heartfelt campaign, creating empathy for starving kids in Africa and Yemen by asking for the aid support equivalent to a Friday night candy bowl.

This campaign got the message out through truly effective micro influencers across Denmark. Leading up to the campaign, the influencers posted 38 photos, which resulted in 2,395 likes and comments, reaching 75.742 potential lifesaving followers on Instagram.

Just imagine how effective micro influencers can boost your next SoMe marketing campaign.



Doing push-ups at the office could be the future for many modern firms.

Exercise at work could be a win-win for both you and your company. Employees will return from workouts refreshed and better focused on their jobs – and the social media coverage would improve, too.

More and more workplaces have successfully implemented exercise at work and it makes good sense. Time spent on exercise is well spent in terms of improved productivity – and in the long-term, healthy people have fewer sick days. Rebook has done it and so has Joe and the Juice.

This has resulted in a lot more posts on social media from employees spicing up their workday with a trendy midday workout.

How would you like to mix work and working out?