Trend Caught In A Net

Trend Caught In A Net

We will let you in on an upcoming trend that will make your followers gaze.

Every year, a trend on the loose gets all the likes and attention for the season. Last week, Instagram had us feel like we should go lobster hunting since every influencer swapped his or her designer bag with a sustainable net bag.

This trend is one of the hottest, most shareable accessories in spring/summer 18 judging by its incredible high engagement rate and response.

Try to place your products in this net-bag and show that you know what’s hot.

Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble

Let us present the most shareable eatable trend in summer 2018: Bubble Waffles.

You might remember the billion-dollar frozen yogurt concept from 2015. These waffles share great similarities with frozen yogurt, but without being a sad sequel.

With Bubble Waffles you get to choose which kind of topping you want. You have the convince of its practical form and looks, even at a reasonable price, and it will take your Instagram game into new dimensions. Bubble Waffle shops are popping up in every big city right now, and the demand for their ultra-shareable products are so overwhelming that we could not leave you without this story.

Can you offer similar excitement into your shopping experience?



IKEA goes down a new collaborative alley with highly acclaimed fashion icon, Virgil Abloh.

Design lovers, you might want to head to IKEA. Their brand collaborations as of late have gone through the roof. Recently, they dropped an ultra-chic collab with Danish design company HAY, which made it possible to buy luxury designs for the price of regular IKEA items.

What’s not to like, right?

Now, IKEA has teamed up with Virgil Abloh; lead designer for Louis Vuitton and longtime creative director for Kanye West. Basically, this guy is the definition of luxury and hype and will be the contributor for IKEA chairs, wall carpets, giant sofa pillows and an unusual version of the famous blue IKEA bag.

Do you dare to call up giant designers for your next marketing strategy?

AR Paintings

AR Paintings

It’s not only at Hogwarts that paintings come to life.

The most recent spring campaign by Gucci features runway clothes depicted in incredible Renaissance-style paintings by Spanish painter Ignasi Monreal. The digital paintings and illustrated stickers are displayed on a screen in the store windows like an art gallery.

After downloading the Gucci app in the store, you can access the microsite “Gucci Hallucinations”, where the paintings come to life on your phone. If you purchase an item in the store, you receive a ticket for an in-store VR experience, as if you were inside the paintings yourself.

Gucci has really shown innovative thinking as a response to the commonly known future retail prediction, calling for in-store brand experiences more than a full-on sale purpose.

Could you create unique experiences in your store?

Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines

When a luxury fashion brand meets a toaster in Italy.

Italian kitchenware manufacturer SMEG and Dolce & Gabbana join creative forces in a new collection of stylish, handpainted kitchen appliances. The lines have never been blurrier between high fashion and design. The collection consists of products varying from full-size fridges to toasters, all depicting old-fashioned folk art from the island of Sicily, Italy.

These unique kitchen products uncover a story and they are certainly the most shareable kitchen appliances we have ever seen.

So, the question is… could you create artistic and fashionable editions of your products, like SMEG and Dolce & Gabbana?

The Lifesaving Polo

The Lifesaving Polo

Buy a Polo and save an entire species before lunchtime.

 Lacoste has recently given the iconic crocodile a little bit of “me time”, as the world’s most endangered species were in need of an urgent rescue.

They produced a very limited amount of each polo, correlating to the remaining count of the animal on the chest. 350 pieces of the Sumatran tiger, 67 of the Javan Rhino and only 30 of the Vaquita – whatever that is. You know its endangered when you have never heard of it.

This campaign has generated a whole lot of hype and excitement around the fashion business, because of Lacoste’s incredible ability to combine both game-changing CSR, their famous logo and the hype of limited quantities.

Most of us really want to make a difference in this world, for the good of all. I certainly did as a child reading superhero comics and watching movies with great heroes who conquered evil and gave life to the world.

This is where the power of CSR communication really has the potential to evoke our deep yearning to be a better person and to do positive changes in the world around us.

Have a solid and visible goal for your CSR activities and create the buzz – your customers will feel proud of being a part of it.