Campaign Awareness

Campaign goal

The giant, Danish snack company, Kims, wished to engage local micro-influencers, with a passion for baking in a creative challenge. The objective was to entice people to use Kims’ products when baking.

Campaign details

Kims, wished to engage local micro-influencers, with a passion for baking in a creative challenge. The challenge was to let the imagination run wild and create amazing cakes from a box full of Kims products such as chocolate, nuts and crisps.

17 brandheroes went into bake-off mode and created delicious cakes, pies and cupcakes, while they involved their followers in the process. They shared an Instagram Story when they received the Kims package at the door. They posted about the baking process, as well as a post of the deliciously creative result. Hashtags were hooked to the company’s slogan #sultenforsjov as well as the more experience owned hashtag #Kimsmoments.

The 17 brandheroes were local influencers with between 1.250 and 28.800 followers, and a combined following of 104.758 people. They created 46 beautiful posts, some containing many delicious images, which had 126.206 impressions and 12.721 likes and comments. In this campaign, content was king, but still the posts amounted to an average engagement rate of 6,0%, where the best engagement rate for one post was 18.0%. 

So, ready, set, bake-off… with amazingly creative results that leaves your mouth watering and running out to pick up your bag of nuts and crisps J




17 local micro-influencers


46 posts in total


Total combined followers: 104.758


Total reach of all posts:




Total engagements: 12.721

likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 6,0%


Full-service model over
30 days

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