Have you ever been late to dinner, grabbed a random gift and wrapped it up nicely to make it look way fancier than it was ever intended? A piece of candy – not that impressing. But the same candy wrapped in glossy paper – well, that’s a nice little treat.

The famed designer Rick Owens linked up with Barneys New York and made a gourmet fashion burger.

That’s right. Exclusively inside Barneys, you can get a Rick Owens cheeseburger with a heat-imprinted logo and fries piled like timber, all wrapped in licorice ribbon.

Instagrammers and influencers were amazed by the creativity. And as a result, they overflowed the Instagram Explore page, inspiring thousands of fashion fans around the world.

Today’s lesson: Embark on the trails of the unknown and discover hidden marketing triumphs in doing the unexpected.

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