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Why you should partner with us as your micro influencer service and platform

Become a Brandheroes Partner Agency

Running an influencer campaign can both be time consuming and expensive. But not with us. We offer full service and fixed prices on the entire campaign.

24 hour pitch support

We know you are busy. That’s why our team is ready to send suggested influencer profiles and a campaign offer within 24 hours.

Running the campaign

We’ll set up the campaign, including branded filters and moodbord. We’ll make sure that influencers within the target group pitch in posts.

Approve posts

You approve the campaign post before the influencers share it on social media. Or we can do it for you.

KPI Report

After the campaign, we wrap all KPIs like Reach, Engagement, Audience Demographics and Content up in a PDF report.

Post on Demand 

Do you need fast execution, creative and authentic influencer content with trustworthy reach in your media mix?
Then ‘Post on Demand’ is for you. 

Imagine this scenario: Arla wants to promote their cheese spread for toasts. Which campaign mechanism would make the largest impact? TV, outdoor, Facebook ads or an army of toast-lovers each sharing their unique and engaging interpretation of cheese on toast? Could it be as big as glitter-slime? Well, that’s up to your creative brief. Our toast-loving Brandheroes are ready for you… 

This is what you get:

  • Unique content: Personalized campaign filters on the photos
  • Real stuff: Influencers targeted by location, age and gende
  • A break: We take care of everything and even wrap up a beautiful report with all data points.

    This is how it works: Check out the four steps above and the video below.

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