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We dream of changing the world by changing the face of advertising

How? Well, to begin with, by replacing boring banner ads, one by one, with inspiring social posts where you can feel the heart, passion, and edge behind the image.

Secondly, by democratizing advertising. We believe that it’s not just celebrities, super-bloggers and models, who can be effective brand ambassadors. Instead, normal people, just like you and me, have the power to help services and products succeed. That’s why we are called Brandheroes.

We match local micro-influencers with lifestyle brands for authentic collaborations and enable them to become Brandheroes by sharing the love for the brands they genuinely adore on social media. And we make sure to provide the infrastructure for them to be rewarded, so they can keep on spreading the word.

Cause, let’s be honest, who do you trust? Your best friend, colleague and the coolest girl in town who truly believes in a product? Or a celebrity, model or super-blogger, who was paid to endorse a service or label that they’ve never even used before? Research shows that 9 out of 10 people trust influencers more (McKinsey & BoF, 2017).

Well… there’s a reason for us believing in local Brandheroes.

Our Story

With origins in Denmark, the world’s happiest place, we are exporting smiles and brand-love across more than 40 countries and 200 cities in the world. It is all done by engaging local influencers—regular people rather than celebrities— as ambassadors for their favourite brands.

In our community of Brandheroes we use our superpowers to add heart, life and soul to product posts, while we spread the word from the ground up. It is impactful, cost-effective and full of real brand-love.

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