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For each approved post you’ll recieve 5.000 Brandcoins (€50), which you can exchange for cool products and gift certificates. Enjoy shopping!

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I found a natural fit with Brandheroes; combining the same vision regarding online & social media content. Finding one another and working together professionally to create quality and well-thought-out content only reinforced the motivation to create.

Quinten Van Puyenbroeck

Brandhero, @Quintenvp

The Brandheroes team are very good at making you feel talented and special, so I found myself feeling more confident and inspired. It’s amazing to get recognition, feedback, tips and tricks. Personally, these messages have made my day every time!

Astrid Brynnum Andersen

Brandhero, @astridandersenb

Some of our brandheroes. You could be next.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The magic Brandheroes formula, will connect you with your favorite brands, make your Instagram game excel, and reward you with exclusive prices every time you post.

Its free to join. Even free tips, tricks and new friends comes with the package.

Download the app, and create your profile. If you have more than 500 followers on Instagram, we will scan your profile for potential.  Within 24 hours, you will receive your golden ticket of acceptance or a list of tips for you to work on.

On the app, you will be able to join the daily updated campaigns from some of the best brands in the world. Join, read the guidelines and share your pitch with the community. If you get a green light, you will receive 5.000 Brandcoins to spend on your favourite items in our webshop.

How long does it take to verify a new account?

We totally understand your excitement but, as my mom always used to say, “good things come to the ones who wait”. Recently, neuroscientists’ have actually proved her right…

We usually evaluate and validate your Brandhero potential within 24 hours. It can feel like a long time – like the day before Christmas – so here’s a list of things you can do while we do our thing:

  • Watch 48 episodes of Keeping up the Kardashians
  • Bake 42 batches of gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan cookies
  • Listen to Despacito 450 times, because who is tired of that jam already?

If you’re still not accepted after 24 hours, don’t lose your hope at all. You will receive a list of professional tips for you to implement in your social media life. Remember, we look for individuals, heart and passion, not perfection. Find your way, keep on creating your unique Instagram profile, then try again. We can’t wait to have you on board.

When will my photo be accepted?

It takes between 1-24 hours for us and your favourite brand to evaluate your submission.

What kind of posts can I share?

Share what makes you smile. We will never encourage you to post pictures of products you don’t fancy. It’s all about what you are interested in, and the services and brands you already have, that defines the suitable campaigns for you. From Fashion to whole grain pasta. We work with brands from all corners of life, and every day the spectrum of brands expands.

When you share something you are excited about, you will be amazed with how it can transform your Instagram profile.

Can I use my Brandheroes content across my own channels?

Yes, the more you share, the more you care. Also, all ambassadors sign off on terms and conditions, which says that the brand you collaborate with can share your content across their channels as well.

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