OMNI Ambassadors

Imagine having your own army of hyper-local influencers. Every day they create epic content that drives traffic to your stores and webshop. 

OMNI Ambassadors

All your ambassadors are carefully casted and selected. Firstly, by algorithms measuring audience demographics and engagement rates. Secondly, by validating profile and brand-fit by a trained human eye.

Check out an audience demographic report for one of our Brandheroes here. 

After the influencer has been approved, our interactive stamp card makes it easy for you to handle monthly or quarterly payments in products.

Our affiliate shop makes it possible to launch hundreds of small shops, driving traffic and sales to your main webshop. And, it’s all being managed by the coolest guys and girls within your target group.

Watch this! 

Engage hyper-local influencers

We identify micro influencers within your target group and activate them as brand ambassadors

Pay them in products

Let them share your brand and products, both on their social media and in an affiliate webshop

Manage at scale

We digitalized the entire process, making it possbile for you to handle hundreds of influencers

Video of how Jack and Jones works with OMNI Ambassadors 

Jack and Jones case video

Want to see the benefits of working with us? Here’s how you can use local influencers to drive traffic to your store, as well as, how we select the best influencers to create awereness, strenghten your brand position and generate sales.

Watch this video and see how Jack & Jones collaborate with Brandheroes to generate store traffic and cultivate local brand-love.

You can also read about our collab here.

OMNI Ambassadors cases

OMNI Ambassadors

We made our ongoing ambassador pricing simple and flexible with a one-time activation fee and a monthly license.

*Affilate shop and in-store order screens are added a custom handling and commison fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which products and brands are best suited for Omni Ambassadors?
Lifestyle brands with multiple product or collection launches each year, like fashion or beauty brands. Products that are instagrammable and hold a value of around €135 – like a pair of sunglasses, favorite skincare or a pair of jeans.
How do we begin?

We always begin with a workshop where we lock down:

  1. Target group
  2. Ongoing ambassador deal
  3. The process of product handling. For instance, should the ambassadors pick up the clothes in a store or use a webshop voucher? After the workshop, we’ll send you the sign-up page and email flow for your approval. Then we’ll start activating your very own army of hyper-local influencers.
Can we use our ambassadors' content across our own channels?
Yes. All ambassadors have signed our terms and conditions. This means that you can use their content across all channels.

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