The Simple Man

The Simple Man

Men are generally the hardest to communicate skincare and grooming products for, but the solution is simple.

When it comes to grooming products, it’s very important to dedicate products to them alone. The market has seen a growth in specific male grooming products by 37% since 2010. That’s because men have fallen in love with the packaging experience that talks directly to them-simple and masculine.

Skincare firm Kiehl’s know that one-third of their customers are males. So, they’ve tailor-made a part of their store for men – free from roses and pink mirrors.

Danish BeautéPacifiquehavealso fueled their men’s skincare with an all-black packaging that will much more likely be shareable to men on social media.

What can we learn from that? Play with raw textures and dark colors. Spark masculinity into products, men can be sensitive about.

Fabergé Dinner

Fabergé Dinner

The Danish home décor company Juna has transformed the famous Russian Fabergé eggs on their newest Easter tablecloths for a super shareable Easter dinner.

In the mid 1800, the Russian Emperor was married to Princess Dagmar of Denmark – whom he gave jeweled silver eggs for décor.

These eggs are truly an Easter staple for many in Europe to signify wealth and love.

Juna now offers this special Fabergé tablecloth and have together with Brandheroes presented the world for the ultimate Easter dinner table to Instagram.

See for yourself how this cloth makes the difference.

Brewmaster, You?

Brewmaster, You?

A Danish beer company is letting you name its beer.

Rocketsauce? brew dog, giggle water or liquid courage. A dear beer has many names, and in 2018 you can have your favorite beer nickname printed on 24 bottles and shipped to your next party. Imagine the fun.. and the craft beer awesomeness.

Brandheroes made a collaboration with influencer Benedikte Moesgaard during valentines day.

She had made her own beer with “TO MY LOVE” printed on the front. Check out her post:


Check out Crafted By and design your own shareable beer bottle here:


Gifts With Purpose

Gifts With Purpose

The Body Shop Christmas calendar gift-set of 2017 made you step out of the comfort zone with daily tasks like “smile at the first person you see today”  

The Body Shop named their Christmas calendar “The 25-day game-changing advent-ure”. The goal of the calendar was to impact the world, around each consumer, by positive reminders to do good on a daily basis –together with a sample-sized product.

This is a brand-new take on the annual advent calendar, which all brands could be doing to stay on top of the demands. Introducing a daily “dare” to spread the Christmas spirit and become better at doing good towards others, will eventually create an emotional remembrance of the brand. By evoking an emotional reaction from the customer, the brand will create a much bigger and deeper impact toward a solid lasting relationship.


Find an emotional goal for your product. 

If you asked someone to name what The Body Shop is selling, they would most likely say ‘a good shampoo, a wonderful mask and maybe even a hand cream’. But is there more? By explicitly implanting their company purpose on packaging by positive encouragements and call-outs, The Body Shop brings their mission to life through thousands of people.


What is your purpose? Can you make it actionable? Can people join in? Then you can start a movement. Reach out for emotional connections with your customers, and see how much more your brand can do for people.


See for yourself how well this advent calendar made it, together with Brandheroes via the power of ONMI influencers HERE.



Super Bowl – the unofficial championship of tv advertising

Super Bowl – the unofficial championship of tv advertising

There are many good reasons to love the Super Bowl –  the food, the snacks and of course the game. At Brandheroes, we especially love it because of the amazing commercials. Super Bowl is often named as the unofficial championship of tv advertising. It’s the stage for some of the best ads and further, it’s often at this stage some of the biggest brands in the world kickoff of their brand new ad campaigns.

We in particular like Amazon’s contribution this year. In Amazon’s Super Bowl ad, they show what happens when their famous voice assistant, Alexa, loses her voice. Alexa’s voice is replaced by celebrities such as chef Gordon Ramsay and the legendary actor Anthony Hopkins. In a funny way, Amazon emphasises how Alexa cannot be replaced – not even by famous celebrities. Furthermore, it points out how dependent Americans have become of their voice assistant that has gone from being a niche product to being a mainstream product in American households. You can watch the ad below.

Fun fact:

For the cost of a 30-second ad on Super Bowl, you can activate 45.831 micro influencers.

    Why data is not the enemy of creativity

    Why data is not the enemy of creativity

    The American company Postmates offers on-demand delivery. In their new campaign “We Get It”, they demonstrate how you as a company can turn your own data into fun creative. In Postmates new outdoor ad campaign, they use different kinds of out of home installations on which they present customized and hilarious messages based on their data insights around their consumers.

    In this way, they capitalize on consumer preferences and contextual relevance to create relevant, local and engaging content. Further, this campaign illustrates how data doesn’t kill creativity, but rather enhances the creativity by providing brands with deeper insights around their audiences.

    Spotify is another brand that has been notoriously known for their creative data-driven campaigns such as “Thanks 2016. It’s been weird”, which is based on their listeners’ data.