Europe’s fastest growing company

Europe’s fastest growing company

If you were ever in doubt that instagram and influencer marketing could make and change a business on large scale – doubt no more. Inc.com have just announced the top 500 fastets growing companies in Europe.

And the Swedish watch company Daniel Wellington is on top with a reported growth of 4,695% over the last three years.

Daniel Wellington was founded in 2011 by Filip Tysander and is known to have created most of their success through Instagram influencers. How else can something as old school as an analogue wrist watch brand be the fastest growing company in a high tech time? 

Here are a few of the impressive numbers Daniel Wellington have built up on Instagram.

3.9 million followers @Danielwellington

1.5 Million #Danielwellington

50 Thousands #DWPickoftheday


Facebook’s Latest Changes Impact Influencers

Facebook’s Latest Changes Impact Influencers

Facebook just announced that they will change their algorithm to promote more personal content rather than news and brand pages. 

In this Forbes article, Keenan Beasley shares his thoughts about how it will impact Instagram and influencers 

Since Instagram’s algorithm is beginning to mirror Facebook’s more and more, expect to see more organic content from people, and less from brands and businesses in 2018. What must be noted during this change is that Influencers are, and have always been people first, and content marketers second. Every influencer, no matter what the niche, has their own content style that, for whatever reason, resonated with their audience and caused that audience to explode. These influencers and their audiences will garner even more attention with their organic content, while similar, non-paid content from businesses and brands will suffer.