Trick or Treat Converter

Trick or Treat Converter

Reese’s surprised everyone this Halloween with their free candy converter.

It’s never fun to get bad candy at Halloween, but now there’s a solution to the problem, thanks to Reese’s. With this innovative style of popup marketing, the American chocolate brand positioned itself as superior candy that kids would rather have than other brands.

Place a bag of M&M’s in the machine, and it will give you Reese’s chocolate back. Genius, and clever marketing that even kids understand and enjoy.

God Bless Basketball

God Bless Basketball

Nike has bought and repurposed an old Chicago church and turned it into a state-of-the-art basketball court. Hallelujah.

The 1885 Chicago church was bought and redecorated by the creative hands of Nike. The incredible church will now be the“Just Do It Headquarters” as a training hall for the local hoop teams. The place is open to the public and will in the future host events, concerts and training matches. This is just another way to advertise indirectly through buildings and local sport influence – something Nike is very good at.

Is there an old building in your town where your brand could bring new life and spirit into?

The Million Dollar Dilemma

The Million Dollar Dilemma

We’re all wondering: are mega influencers really the answer? With more than 113 million followers, Kylie Jenner is the most famous and expensive mega influencer on Instagram. But is the price of $1.000.000 per post a lucrative deal?

Sure, she’s a super successful woman. She has a ton of followers and probably the widest influence in the world. But is she really the holy grail of marketing, or is there a cheaper way to get the same or potentially better results?

We think there is.

Let’s talk about engagement rate for a second. This is the percentage of followers who interact with the content and shows an interest in the post. Teami Blend recently paid Kylie 1 million dollars to post a single picture of their drinking bottle. The post got a 3.0% engagement rate, which is 4.000.000 likes and comments. That’s a lot of people engaging with the post. But we believe it’s possible to reach the same exact segment with better engagement and higher authenticity.

Micro influencers are typically people with less than 5.000 followers who have an average engagement rate of…. wait for it – between 5 – 18.3% (influencermarketinghub). So, not only are micro influencers much cheaper to work with, they also get more engagement.

This means that it’s possible to get the same reach (113 million people) with higher authenticity and more personal diversity as Kylie Jenner with 8.000 micro influencers followed by 5.000 people on average. At Brandheroes, a price for an influencer post is €90, which means you can make the same campaign with micro influencers as Kylie for only $828.800. That’s 17.12% cheaper, and you would end up with 8.000 posts of high-quality content to use later on.

Wait, there is more: the 8.000 influencers would actually also buy your bottles – so you better stock up on all the goodness 🙂

Think about it. It’s food for thought.

Safety – Brick by Brick

Safety – Brick by Brick

Turkish Airlines have proven time and again that mandatory safety instructions should be an entertaining part of traveling by air. This time, they’re teamed up with Danish Lego characters.

First, it was sports superstars, Kobe Bryant & Messi. Then the Internet illusionist, Zach King, and now Lego characters. Turkish Airlines know exactly who to call when it’s time for a new and exciting take on safety introductions shown before takeoff. Doing whatever it takes to turn tangling safety policies into a fun experience is a solid win. In the video, they focus on subtitle humour while instructing emergency situations clearly with a refreshing energy and tempo.

Who would you call if you needed to spice up a mandatory and heavy instruction video?

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2hCN6cVuqM

Supreme Times

Supreme Times

These days you can’t say New York without saying Supreme. Since 2010, this street fashion brand has managed to build an almost religiously devoted following  with their limited products launching weekly. They pretty much make the que for an iPhone release look like a Sunday picnic.

Last week, Supreme made one of the boldest marketing moves in the history of fashion. They bought the entire front and back cover of The New York Post and printed nothing but their iconic  red logo.

Now, that’s what we call iconic marketing. They managed to translate the whole culture around their brand and actualize the same hype in a $1 newspaper. It only took a few hours before the newspapers were sold out and were spotted on eBay for up to $19. That’s a 1900% price raise, in case you were wondering.

It’s always good to see others do the impossible and succeed – and now it’s proven to work. Can you imagine how everything would change if you bought the front and back cover of your local newspaper?

We sure can.

Pizza Party

Pizza Party

Finally, that little plastic table inside pizza boxes has its own little plastic chairs.

Boston Pizza has created chairs to accompany the teeny-tiny table that’s often found inside pizza boxes. The chairs were made in a 3D-printed material, using food-safe materials.

The Canadian pizza chain came up with this creative idea to make pizza-eating more fun, convenient and shareable.

Has it ever occurred to you, that your everyday items may look like something else? It’s not easy to find something new in something old, but give it a go. It might go viral.