There is a couple of ways you can benefit from a growing hashtag like #MeatFreeMonday on Instagram. If you have products or services in the area of the hashtag, you can either ride the wave or you can become the wave:

This is what you do:

1. Use #MeatFreeMonday on your own relevant posts – and yes, it should be on Mondays!

2. Look into the best performing post with the tag and reach out to the profiles sharing them – the goal is to activate them as ambassadors.

3. Identify relevant micro influencers and hire them to be both #MeatFreeMonday and your ambassador.

Easy peasy. Now, to become the wave and have each #MeatFreeMonday post associated with your brand, do this: Repeat the above steps a couple of hundred or thousands times (depending on if you are going for local, national or world domination).