You’ve probably watched one or two yourselves. If you first get started, It’s like you can’t stop watching them until you see the final result. We are of course talking about all the food and especially cake making videos on Instagram and Facebook.

Try to think these videos as more than just something that works for cooking and baking. Maybe you have some kind of production that you can make a high-speed video of? And maybe you are able to create a video with the same kind of mesmerising magnetic effect as the videoes below.

💘 HEART INSIDE CAKE 💘. I didn’t make a tutorial for this cake because I was almost 💯 sure it would totally bomb on my first try, but it turned out just the opposite! I’ve never been more nervous to slice into a cake before, and this lovely little Valentines Cake was totally worth it! Here’s the details: . ❤️- Bake 3X 6” white cake rounds. Wrap in plastic wrap twice, then place into the freezer. ❤️- Split another batch of white batter into 3 bowls. Tint each bowl a different color gradient in your ombré spectrum. Bake them in separate 3 6” rounds. (You could also bake 1 cupcake one color, 2 cupcakes another color, and then 3 cupcakes another color to save on batter). . ❤️- Tear up the three colored cake rounds into cake scraps (keep colors separated). ❤️- On the bottom cake layer of your white cake round, when cake is frozen, carve a cone into the round (pointy part at the bottom, larger round at the top). Think: bottom of a 3D heart. Stuff in one color of cake scraps until compact. . ❤️- On the middle cake layer, carve another cone with a wider bottom (bottom of this cone meets with the top of the bottom cone). Fill with second color until compact. . ❤️ - For the top layer, flip the layer upside down, then carve out a large rounded M with a melon baller (think of a sideways “3” shape - or a bum, haha). Remember to not go further circumference than the top of the second layer. Fill with the last color until compact. Flip on top! . That’s it! I hope this video helps explain it a little better. It’s kind of a hard concept to explain 🤣. Can’t wait to see your cakes! #bakingwithblondie (@neonyolkshop sprinkles 😘)

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