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If it's not on Instagram, it didn't happen!
Events like store openings and tryout popups is great for creating a local offline buzz around your products, but by adding some Micro Influencers you'll extend the reach and vibe of the event to social media.

We handpick each influencer by the use of first party data and algorithms combined with a trained human eye to ensure the perfect brand-fit. We ensure 100% brand-safety by approving all content before it goes live.

Our default target group of Sport Influencers is on average a 24 year old male or female sport & health enthusiast with around 3.500 followers, where approximal 60% are local followers from their own country.

If you are looking for a specific niche of influencers, just let us know in the brief and we'll get back to you with a quote of what's possible.  

DUring and after the campaign you'll have access to our live KPI dashboard, where you can follow reach and engagement rates and download all copyfree content in high-res for sharing or integrating in your own channels, please see an example of our KPI dashboards here 

  • Influencer Content: See inspiration images above
  • Sport Industry Benchmark: 7.1% engagement rate
  • Average Impression per post: 3.000

    We work with a full service setup, taking care of your entire campaign from brief to reporting in a flow like this:

    1. Fill out the Campaign Brief to the right 
    2. We'll get back to you with our suggested Influencer Brief and Campaign Proposal.  
    3. When you've approved everything and shipped the focus products to our warehouse, the campaign goes live to the target group of influencers in our app. 
    4. We'll do a manual brand-fit check of each influencer that signs-up for your campaign, before shipping them the product.
    5. The influencer uploads the post in our app and we do a manual brand safety check for quality and correct mark of advertising, before releasing the post for social media. 
    6. When the first post goes live, we'll send you a link to the KPI dashboard, where you can see and download each post in high-resolution for resharing on your own channels.

    Start by filling out the brief to the right and pre-book the quantity of influencers you wish for the campaign.

    When checking out please note that we'll not invoice you before everything is confirmed and we have approved the influencers for your campaign.

    If you have any questions before pre-booking your campaign, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our CCO Rasmus Arendt Nielsen at [email protected] or +4522909371

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    You'll be in great company

    Thanks for the report, this seems like really good results.

    Interesting to see the results compared with our normal influencer campaigns and it looks good!

    Vibeke Holann

    Marketing manager

    Brandheroes approach to marketing and brand activations is innovative and their constant pursuit towards pushing the boundaries make Brandheroes an ideal partner for us.  

    Kenneth Brinkmann


    Working with BrandHeroes is fast and easy.

    They are able to find us micro influencers that allow us to reach new customers in markets across Europe. 

    The turnaround time is impressive and the team at BH is very responsive!

    Evan Thomas

    Head of influencer marketing

    The Nordic Google team was always very impressed with the collaborations we had with you and the team at Brandheroes, and I'm also positively impressed with the results of previous campaigns.

    Jasper van Laanen

    Product Marketing Manager

    We've been working with Brandheroes over the past years, establishing a global corps of micro influencers and Brandheroes has been the ideal partner for us all the way through.

    Hannah Roberts

    Global social media manager

    Brandheroes has been a major part of activating the ARLA Protein brand over the past years. They have a ”can do” attitude and are ready to solve every challenge you give them, and the constant eager to challenge the ordinary makes Brandheroes a joy to work with.

    Tanja Band Udengaard

    Brand manager

    When working with Brandheroes it never becomes triviel. The combination of ambition and professionalism is highly valuable to us. 

    Trine Brønd-Jensen

    Communication & Digital Manager

    The incredibly pragmatic approach to marketing and the ability to re-think the traditional way of activating brands is a huge inspiration for us. 

    Trine Rønsbøll

    Brand & Strategy director