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  • Name: Miriam @Adventurousmiriam
  • Profile: Experience
  • Location: Denmark
  • Followers: 44.000

How did you start as an Instagrammer?

Instagram and I go way back. Like iPhone 3 way back. Almost 6 years we’ve been together.
I started out with a private account where I shared all sorts of things from my daily life. But when I started blogging 4 years ago, I put on my business woman hat and created a blog account. I’ve been ambitious about it from the beginning, so I instantly started building up my brand, shared high quality photos and was really active and engaged in the community. I quickly gained a lot of followers that way.

Which camera do you use?

I always use my Canon EOS 750D – never my iPhone – because the quality is much better on a DSLR. Most of my images are landscape and scenery shots so I need the photo quality to be laser sharp.

What have you found really works and what doesn’t?

Look out for symmetry. When you look for symmetry in a scene, you have to center yourself or the main product, and make sure all your lines are straight. Be a perfectionist.

Do something different so you stand out. Stop posting photos of you jumping in front of famous sites and photos of your feet in the sand. We have enough of these accounts. It’s better to experiment, be original and find your own style.

Take self-portraits – not selfies and definitely no duck face.

How to create a beautiful profile that stands out

Follow people whose feeds you love and want to emulate. The more great photos you see in your own feed, the quicker you can develop an eye for it.

Pick a theme you love; like interior, food, fashion or travel.

Have a “thing”. You want people to take a look at your profile and see something that unify your photos. It can be how you’re taking your pictures, the angle or your pose. The way you light your shot, your perspective or the caption you write.

Be consistent and always use the same filter or editing style. For instance, I love colours, so my photos are always vivid, bright and colourful.

What is the secret to gaining followers?

Social media changes all the time, but these two tips are pretty timeless:
Instagram really likes engagement. To grow your network, you need to introduce yourself to people, but you also need to be nice and give them spotlight, too. Engage with those you’re following on Instagram. Spend a lot of time liking and commenting – and not just the casual “great photo” or “wow” comment. Leave insightful comments. It will pay off.
Also, if you’re just starting out, don’t focus on the number of followers or likes. It can be really discouraging, especially when you see other Instagrammers getting thousands of likes when you only get 20 likes. Instead, focus on finding your niche and show your personality. Once you’ve found and mastered it, the followers will come.

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