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Name: Astrid Brynnum Andersen

Instagram name: @astridandersenb

Location: Denmark

What does it mean for you to be a Brandhero?

I am really flattered to be chosen as a Brandhero. Of course, it makes me very proud and gives me a real confidence boost. It gives me the feeling that what I’m doing on my Instagram is actually worth looking at – people thinks it is cool. Besides that, I am reaching out to more followers, I get a better network as an Instagrammer and private person. In general, I think it is a huge compliment to be selected as a Brandhero.

Why was it a good collaboration with the Brandheroes team?

It is so easy to work with Brandheroes. You get an e-mail stuffed with compliments and words that describe why you are selected as an influencer for the concerned brand. The Brandheroes team are very good at making you feel talented and special, so I found myself feeling more confident and inspired. It’s amazing to get recognition, feedback, tips and tricks. Personally, these messages have made my day every time!

Why was it a good collaboration with the brands?

To work with my different favourite brands gives me great learnings and an immersion in various creative areas. I think it is amazing to be allowed to use my creativity to create the perfect picture, video and text for a great brand. When I receive a package from the brand with the brand’s content, it feels so much more like a gift than a job you have to do. I guess, I just like it that much! It gives me such a good feeling when a brand selects my profile. I mean, I already own and buy products from the brand – and they selected me! In one case, I was introduced to a new brand through Brandheroes, and now I’m a fan of that brand and buy their things all the time.

What are your tricks for other Brandheroes?

BE YOU! Seriously. Do not try too much, do not try to work like a smart Instagrammer or blogger. Your followers can easily see if your posts do not reflect yourself. Be true to yourself and your profile. My personal trick is working with colours; in my collaboration with Innocent, I used pink. I placed the pink Berry Portion Smoothie sext to my pink bag. The pictures on my Instagram was already imprinted with pink, so when the pink product was added to my profile, it did not stick out or seem out of context. It is ultra-important that the sponsored posts fits the profile and the person behind it.


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