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Campaign Case

Campaign goal

The Swedish cereal brand, AXA, got together with Brandheroes to spread the news of their recent product: Simply Great Granola. The goal was to strengthen brand awareness and top-of-mind preference among young, Danish women with the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Campaign details

AXA is one of the most popular and recognized cereal brands in Scandinavia. The brand believes that a long and healthy life starts with oats for breakfast, and now they’re on the marked with a new product – their most photogenic product to date. AXA now offers a truly tasty Granola to top on the morning smoothie bowl and they wanted to increase hype and awareness with the help of Brandheroes.

25 carefully-scouted influencers were picked out, each living in the largest cities in Denmark.

We looked specifically for influencers with an elegant sense of photo-composition, care for healthy living and even interior design to portray AXA’s granola.

The influencers were gifted with a 1000 DKK gift card as a thank you for partnering with Brandheroes. They acquired an AXA granola from a convenience store and shared 2 inspiring pictures and one story with their followers, focusing on bringing their breakfast to life.

They added the selected campaign hashtags #axasimplygreat #nosugaradded & #nocompromise.

The 25 Danish identified brandheroes were genuine micro-influencers with between 573 and 4264 followers and a combined following of 74.981 people. They posted in total 50 beautiful breakfast images, which got 7.118 likes and comments. This amounted to an average engagement rate of 7.2%, where the best engagement rate for one post was an impressive 15.9%.

The micro-influencers not only amplified brand and product awareness, preference and high engagement within the relevant segment. They also produced striking images, which AXA has shared as authentic content across its channels.




25 local micro-influencers


50 posts in total


Total combined followers: 75.981


Total reach of all posts:




Total engagements: 7.118
likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 7,2%


Full-service model over
30 days

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