Campaign Awareness

Campaign Goal

Pair designer glasses from Balmain Paris with a handful of fabulous female influencers, and you got yourself a solid SoMe campaign. The goal was to create general awareness for the French designer glasses sold by Louis Nielsen in Denmark.

Campaign Details

Founded in 1945, the characteristic Parisian house of Pierre Balmain truly balances modern, trendsetting designs while still appreciating and taking inspiration from its long tradition as a historic, French fashion house. Inspired by Balmain’s structured and skillfully crafted clothing, their collection of frames features styles and colors that makes women feel beautiful, confident and empowered. Balmain is not only a look. It’s a feeling.

We identified 15 female micro-influencers from across Denmark and gifted them a pair of Balmain glasses of their own choice. The girls were chosen based on their followers’ shared interest in fashion and personal expression. This was an important metric as micro-influencers typically gain a following from people who consider them to be influential in their respective categories. So, by ensuring that the followers’ interests aligned with the influencer’s and Balmain’s, we ensured that the campaign reached a highly engaged audience.

For the campaign, the girls had to express their personal style in a bold and confident manner. They were asked to post 2 separate selfies wearing the glasses in a unique setting with the following hashtags: #balmainxlouisnielsen and #balmain. The photos came out great. It was easy to work with the glasses because of their simplicity that added just enough attention for people to notice and remember.

Campaign Results

The 15 Danish girls were all micro-influencers with between 2.136 and 38.568 followers and a combined following of 150.314 people. They posted in total 24 beautiful images, which got 17.253 likes and comments. This amounted to an average engagement rate of 6.6%, while the best engagement rate for one post in the campaign was a striking 18.8%. Balmain’s own Instagram profile has an average 0,4% engagement rate, meaning that this micro-influencer campaign secured a far higher engagement compared to what the brand normally gets.

The micro-influencers not only amplified brand awareness, preference and high engagement within the segment. They also produced outstanding images – putting ‘normal’ peoples’ credibility over celebrity – adding heart, passion and edge to the campaign.




15 local micro-influencers


30 posts in total


Total combined followers: 150.314


Total reach of all posts: 300.628



Total engagements: 17.253 likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 6,6%


Full-service model     over 14 days

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