Generating Traffic

Campaign Goal

Breil Jewels wanted the most stylish Parisian women, between 24-30 years of age, to share their day at the Breil store opening in the city of love. They also engaged our heroes to hype their new Twenty20 collection in the Netherlands.

Campaign Details

Breil Jewels has always aimed high with their high-quality designs, which sets them apart as a trendsetting and playful company. Now, they wanted to work with extravagant and effective micro-influencers for their latest storytelling around the collection Twenty20 in the Netherlands and for their new store opening in Paris, France.

Breil choose to do a full-service campaign, ensuring that each influencer was handpicked and especially casted as an ambassadors for their brand. The full-service also encompassed project management of the entire campaign flow – from influencer management and individual product selection to handling of products and coordination of the store visits – punctuated by a detailed report including all the beautiful content for the brand to use across their channels. 

22 Parisian female influencers were chosen and then asked to visit the Breil store on opening day and hype it with two Instagram stories. The influencers could select a piece of jewellery valued at €150 as thanks for their PR endorsement. They all shared a trendy street fashion picture of themselves and their gifted Breil Jewels product in the streets of Paris, as well as, one in their home-setting with the precious piece.

In the Netherlands, 14 guys and 14 girls were handpicked to ensure quality and fit within the fashion segment. These 28 young influencers were gifted a luxurious Breil watch with two replaceable straps from the new Twenty20 collection to create brand awareness. They all shot two separate photos of themselves wearing the watch with each coloured strap in an everyday setting. Two stories were also created by each influencer – one collecting the product in the Breil store and the other at home showing off the product in detail.

The influencers were incredible, and so was the output content. They helped create solid and effective brand awareness for both the collection and the store openings in France and the Netherlands.

In total, 99 posts by 50 micro-influencers were posted on Instagram with the traceable campaign hashtag #breil #breilmoments and the redirecting tag @breil_official to entice potential new followers. Also, 99 stories were shared on the influencers’ profiles for 24 hours, with 56 of them highlighted for much longer as a “story highlight”.

Campaign Results

This Full-service campaign united 50 super extravagant and trendy micro influencers from Paris and the Netherlands to create top of mind brand awareness and store traffic as well as hype on the opening day. Collectively, they held a combined reach of 414.951 people, and their posts got 40.123 likes and comments, which amounted to an average engagement rate of 10,35%. The best engagement rate was a striking 63%.


Paris & The Netherlands


50 local micro-influencers


99 posts in total


Total combined followers: 222.154


Total reach of all posts: 414.951



Total engagements:  40.123 likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 10.35%


Full Service: 30 days

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