Generating store traffic

Campaign goal

Generate brand awareness in London and generate traffic to the local store in Marylebone, as well as create social content for the store @BMB_store_london.

Campaign details

Brandheroes activated 12 local influencers as ambassadors in London who reached a total of 100.000 followers. 24 posts were shared with an average engagement rate of 8,3%, which is amazing compared to the 0,6% engagement rate on the brand’s own profile, and the average of 1,5% when working with macro influencers.

The work process was straightforward. By Malene Birger sent a brief with a specific target group and location together with selected products to Brandheroes.

Then, the Brandheroes team carefully identified the right local influencers. First, by measuring their audience demographics and engagement rates. Secondly, by validating their profile and brand-fit through a trained human eye. Finally, by activating the selected profiles as brand ambassadors.

After the campaign, everything was wrapped up in a KPI report, including a mosaic wall, which can feature all the local images in-store or online.

By working with local tastemakers, BMB has achieved more than a 400% increase in engagement vs. working with super bloggers. And it’s so simple: By Malene Birger just sends a brief with a target group and location, then delivers chosen products to brandheroes who have been carefully assessed by both our algorithms and a human eye to ensure a perfect brand fit. The influencers then snap and share on social media and everything is wrapped up in a KPI report.




12 local micro-influencers


24 posts in total


Total combined followers: 100.000


Total reach of all posts: 161.443


Total engagements: 13.363
likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 8.3%


Full-service model over
30 days

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