Campaign Awareness

Agency: iProspect
Brand: Cewe

Campaign goal

Create product awareness and entice people to purchase a CEWE photo book as the perfect Christmas present for families with young children.

Media Mix

iProspect integrated micro influencers as an extra layer in their media mix to create relatable, local and trustworthy content around CEWE’s photo book as the perfect Christmas present.

Brandheroes campaign flow

  1. iProspect sent a campaign proposal and asked Brandheroes for a specific recommendation regarding CEWE and the use of micro influencers.
  2. Brandheroes returned with a proposal containing target group, number of influencers and a concept for the campaign. After the proposal was accepted, Brandheroes returned with suggested profiles for approval that were all carefully selected and casted.Furthermore, both iProspect and CEWE approved the signup link with assignment brief, which would be sent to the selected influencers.
  3. Brandheroes activated and mentored the selected 40 influencers in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg.
  4. After the campaign, the Brandheroes team wrapped up KPIs including reach, engagement, audience demographics and images in a report, which iProspect could integrate in their final report for CEWE


Results? The local micro-influencers all shared amazing pictures of their own personal photo book. In addition, they also shared pictures of their experience during the creation of the CEWE photo book. In return for their pictures, the influencers received a photo book and a gift certificate for CEWE’s webshop. This campaign is a great example of how local influencers are a brilliant media for spreading the word about a personal, likeable and loving product as a CEWE photo book.

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