Product Launch

Campaign Goal

The goal was to launch Carlsberg’s new brand CRAFTED BY, by complimenting their marketing mix with our micro-influencers’ authentic social content and trustworthy reach and engagement

Campaign Details

The Carlsberg Group recently launched a new and interesting product, where you can customize your own beer and it’s label. You get to choose the colors and logo of your beer before purchase. Carlsberg and Brandheroes did two major campaigns; one focusing on Valentine’s Day with female influencers, and one with male influencers focusing on partying with the guys.

Our team of experts identified 20 local influencers. they made sure the influencers had a highly engaging community and were able to communicate the campaign message in an honest and authentic way to their audience. The influencers posted cool Valentines’ and party pictures with their own crafted beer. One post showing off their creation in a natural setting, and 3 Stories telling their community about how and where they could get their own box. The selected campaign hashtag was #CraftedByYou.

The 20 Danish Brandheroes were genuine micro-influencers with between 562 and 5171 followers and a combined following of 60.090 people. They posted in total 28 beautiful images, which got 3.116 likes and comments. This amounted to an average engagement rate of 4.1%, where the best engagement rate for one post was a striking 9.3%. In addition to the posts, 60 Stories were shared to give the ‘behind the scenes’ feel.

The micro-influencers not only amplified brand and product awareness, as well as high engagement within the relevant segment. They also produced striking images, which CRAFTED BY Carlsberg has shared as authentic content across its own channels.





20 local micro-influencers


28 posts in total


Total combined followers: 60.090


Total reach of all posts:  99.136



Total engagements: 3,116 likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 4,1%


Full-service model     over 30 days

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