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Campaign Goal

Danish skincare brand Ecooking wanted to become known and present in the German market. So, they teamed up with Brandheroes for a boost of social media awareness through beauty and skincare micro influencers in Germany.

Campaign Details

Originally, Ecooking was not intended as a brand. It was made for personal use to heal founder, TinaSøgaard’s damaged skin. She creates her own homemade products with natural and organic ingredients, and they became such a success that friends and colleagues started asking her for the products.

Tina was working in the skin care business before all this. And her business know-how was fused with an interest of how natural and totally eatable herbs and plants can help with the most common skin care problems that everyone faces at least once in their life.

Ecooking was founded after an increasing demand from her friends and collogues who realised that Tina’s homemade products worked better for the skin than the ones available on the market. This sparked the journey of Ecooking in perfect timing with the new global demand for natural and organic skin products.

Her product line has been a true success in Denmark already, and the next pursuit was to infiltrate the nearby market of Germany, who has similar consumer needs and tendencies. Brandheroes got the job to headhunt the top micro influencers in Germany who had a skincare interested audience and a voice powerful enough to create an impact in awareness and consumer demand.

12 women who had a relevant target group and audience were asked to collaborate, and they received a selection of different Ecooking products to their specific skincare need. The influencers tested out the products in a period of a week and followed up with their followers on Instagram. They each posted two beautiful pictures – both of the products to distinguish and identify them on the shelves of German stores, and one photo where the influencer used them in action.

This created true buzz and excitement in the communities of each influencer. The posts received many comments, which proved that the posts had power to communicate and spark excitement.


Campaign Results:

This full service campaign combined a total of 12 skincare and beauty enthusiastic micro influencers from Germany to impact top of mind awareness of the arrival of Ecooking in stores nationally. Collectively, they held a combined potential reach of 102.877 people, and their posts got 9.502 likes and comments, which amounted to an average engagement rate of astonishing 11%. The best engagement rate was a striking 34.7%.


The influencers delivered authentic content with genuine reach and noticeable passionate engagement – all complementing the marketing mix of Ecooking.

The Brandheroes app is our Post on Demand service and is all about exposing your campaign and brand in front of a targeted group of our influencers (filtered by location, gender and influencer category), who pitches unique posts for you and thereafter engages their followers who has an affinity for your product category. You only pay for the posts that you approve and will receive full service - meaning that we take care of everything – from campaign creation and setup in app to approval of posts, payment of influencers and reporting, even product shipment.

The results will give you authentic post-on-demand content, genuine reach within a targeted consumer group, as well as, the good engagement rates, which micro-influencers are known for. And the bonus? Apart from content control, you’ll get the copyright for all the content and rights to use it infinitely across all your channels.




12 local micro-influencers


23 posts in total


Total combined followers:



Total reach of all posts: 102.877



Total engagements: 9.502 likes & comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 11%


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