Campaign Awareness

Campaign Goal

Eva Solo is a Danish kitchen equipment brand that seriously hit the head of the nail with its simple and transparent water bottles. The brand wanted more product attention and demand, and with the help of Brandheroes, produce in-store traffic and supported purchase behaviour.

Campaign Details

3 must-have items when trapped on a deserted island, you ask? A water bottle will keep you alive, everyone knows that. This is why it’s such an essential product that everyone needs in one way or another. Danes are obsessed with details in all of their handbag essentials, and Eva Solo has made it easy to carry water around in a uniform and sophisticated manner. This campaign is all about this iconic water bottle and its journey to the hands of the Danish Millennials.

Through our community app, the influencers were asked to compose a picture that aimed for maximum summer refreshment, showing off their dearest water bottle in an everyday setting. At the beach with friends, at the gym or on the way to work, all spotlighting the water bottle. Eva Solo even supplied the influencers with sample photos of their bottles stuffed with colorful fruit slices and mint leaves to highlight the product in the picture. Many influencers took the time to prepare the bottle with these decorative additions, affecting the engagement-rate-potential by tenfold.

By doing this, they inspired people to get the bottle themselves and live a healthier life with water in hands reach. Impacting their audience’s shopping behavior and potential store traffic to Kop & Kande – who the influencers were told to refer to in their posts.

The influencers had to already own an Eva Solo water bottle or buy it themselves to be part of the campaign. The water bottle is sold widely in every city and holds a reasonable cost, enabling influencers to buy it and attend effortlessly. A product like this fits perfectly into a Post on Demand campaign due to its price and availability.

10 posts by 10 micro-influencers were accepted by the brand and posted on Instagram with the traceable campaign hashtag #kopogkande, #evasolotogo the redirecting tag @kopogkande for increased traffic and potential followers.

Campaign Results

This Post on Demand campaign united 10 inspiring micro influencers from Denmark to share a glimpse of their everyday life with the Eva Solo water bottle in a shareable and beautiful manner.

Collectively, they held a joined reach of 19.890 people, and their stylish posts got 1,080 likes and comments, which amounted to an average engagement rate of 7,6%. The best engagement rate was a striking 24,4%.

The influencers delivered authentic content with genuine reach and noticeable passionate engagement – all complementing Eva Solo’s marketing mix while getting a few more products into influencers’ homes.

    Campaign Costs

    Kop & Kande paid €90 per post, which got them 3 outstanding results: 10 pieces of unique Post on Demand content, campaign awareness through genuine reach, and great engagement rates, which micro influencers are known for. An amazing package for the small sum of €900.

    We rewarded our hard-working influencers, who made this amazing content possible, with €50 worth of Brandcoins to spend in our exclusive webshop – regardless of their individual number of followers on social media.


    The Brandheroes app is our Post on Demand service and is all about exposing your campaign and brand in front of a targeted group of our influencers (filtered by location, gender and influencer category), who pitches unique posts for you and thereafter engages their followers who has an affinity for your product category. You only pay for the posts you approve, and you will receive “full service” – meaning that we will take care of everything – from campaign creation and setup in app to approval of posts, payment of influencers and reporting, and even product shipment.

    The results will give you authentic post-on-demand content, genuine reach within a targeted consumer group, as well as, the good engagement rates, which micro-influencers are known for. And the bonus? You will get the copyright for all the content and rights to use it infinitely across all your channels.




    10 local micro-influencers


    10 posts in total


    Total combined followers: 19.890


    Total reach of all posts:  19.890



    Total engagements: 1.080 likes and comments

    Engagement rate

    Average engagement rate: 7,6%


    Post on Demand service over 14 days
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