Campaign Awareness

Agency: CARAT
Brand: HTH

Campaign goal

Create awareness and encourage micro influencers’ followers to share the best detail from their kitchen.

Media Mix

Carat integrated Brandheroes in their broader media mix to boost a HTH Køkken initiative.

Brandheroes campaign flow

  1. Carat sent a campaign proposal containing target group and a content brief to Brandheroes.
  2. Brandheroes returned with 12 suggested profiles for approval. The profiles were all carefully selected and casted to fit HTH Køkken’s brand and wanted target group for the campaign. This selection was based on algorithms measuring audience demographics, engagement rates and a trained human eye.In addition, Carat approved the signup link, which would be sent to the influencers, and the influencer-brief.
  3. Brandheroes contacted, activated and monitored the selected final 10 influencers.
  4. After the campaign, the Brandheroes team wrapped up KPIs including reach, engagement, audience demographics and images in a report, which Carat could integrate in their concluding report for HTH Køkken.


Results: Carat utilised micro influencers to boost HTH Køkken’s new initiative. The 10 Brandheroes each shared two amazing pictures of their favourite detail from their kitchen. They included the selected hashtags and encouraged their followers to do the same. In return, the influencers received four Royal Copenhagen cups, matching their beautiful kitchens.
The 10 Brandheroes secured a total of 97.617 campaign impressions and got 4.640 total engagements. Some of the influencers posts even received an engagement rate of more than 20%, which is impressive compared to macro-influencers’ average engagement rate of 1,7%. By using micro influencers, HTH Køkken created a buzz around their new initiative, had high engagement and got people involved.

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