Omni Ambassadors

Omni-ambassador goal:

You can list the usual marketing parameters like generating store traffic, social content, hashtag ownership, building brand awareness, preference and loyalty within a hot target group, as well as showcasing content on the in-store walls and order-in-store tablets, or rating store experiences and even generating sales through affiliate ambassador-webshops.

However, what it’s really all about, is supporting the local stores. Giving them life, heart and soul. Grit, personality and a strong scent of men’s comfort zone. And who doesn’t want to be part of that – and buy into that?

Omni Ambassadors

We have borrowed the word ‘omni’ from ‘omnipresent’. Meaning, universal or being present everywhere. Therefore, an omni-ambassador is not an ‘one night only’ ambassador. He has deep ties with his Jack & Jones store. Vice versa, Jack & Jones does not just look at their omni-ambassador’s post once. No, they give it life and relevancy across touchpoints.

Reasons why
Jack & Jones is part of Bestseller, a fashion group with thousands of stores around the world. So, in a world where retail close-downs are a harsh reality, they realized that in order to win, they needed to do something differently. They needed to own the digital space.

Research shows that Generation Next doesn’t look at the products in store, as much as they look at who is in the store. If they can reflect themselves in those people, they deem the store cool (Martin Lindstrøm, Danish author and Time Magazine Influential 100 Honouree).

So, we needed to get cool people into the stores, start talking about their experiences and share it on social media. We needed an army of hyper-local Brandheroes to put the stores on the map – literally.

Jack & Jones stores

These are the current numbers of omni-ambassadors connected to Jack & Jones stores:

  • 18 countries and counting
  • 500 stores
  • 5 local ambassadors for each store

Finding the right match With Jack & Jones constantly opening stores, Brandheroes continuously search for the best ambassador match for each store. Every day, new cool guys are connected to the brand via the local stores. The selection process follows the general Brandheroes campaign process including utilization of algorithms, audience reports and brand-fit test by a trained human eye. However, this is not just a campaign. This is a match for an ongoing relationship.

Interactive Stamp Card
Each Jack & Jones ambassador gets a custom-built digital stamp card (imagine the card you use in your favourite coffee shop. We have digitalized it)! Now, imagine this; a Jack & Jones ambassador – we’ll call him Max – has his own personal stamp card app, which is automatically filled in every time he shares a #jackandjones post on Instagram. When Max has shared four posts, he goes to his Jack & Jones store, shows his stamp card to the store manager and chooses a new outfit for his next four posts. That’s what we call fresh, current and enticing content!

Store experience
You might see Max’s posts in the store, on the walls and on the tablet, where you can place orders together with the sales assistant. It’s nothing new showcasing user generated content in store, but it works – it inspires, it’s relatable and makes people feel at home. And, most importantly, it shows who else shops in the store (back to what matters to a Gen Next).

But we take it even further. Every time Max goes to the store, he rates the store experience on his app. Meaning that the Jack & Jones Head Quarters can follow the customer experience in each store. We call it a happiness barometer.

Max and his omni-ambassador friends have between 500 and 25.000 highly engaged followers, who know their fashion. They want a piece of what they see, and they are not the types who shop around to find it. They want it fast and easy – with one click. Therefore, we will equip the omni-ambassadors with their own webshop – making it possible for Max’s followers to shop his Jack & Jones posts.

This way Jack & Jones will have hundreds of small shops driving traffic and sales to their main website. And, it’s managed by the coolest guys and girls within their target group. What’s not to like?

All in all, this is an impactful and cost-effective way of increasing brand-heat, generating traffic to the stores and build sales. Jack & Jones are happy with the results. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what they say about their Brandheroes collab:

To us, what is special about working with Brandheroes, is not only the influencer service and support, but also the continuous advice on digital developments within retail. That’s the reason why we collaborate with Brandheroes on global omnichannel roll out for all of our stores – with an anchoring in our local heroes


Omni Channel Manager, Jack & Jones

“What really makes a huge difference for us is that the Brandheroes we activated are the type of customers we always wanted in our stores, but struggled to get in. It’s the coolest bartender, the football player and the hot DJ… Now, they are in our stores, they are our customers and they proudly wear our brand around town.”


Country Marketing Manager, Jack & Jones

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