Campaign Awareness

Campaign goal

The Rosendahl Design Group activated local Brandheroes in Denmark in five different cities for their interior textile brand, Juna, to create brand awareness and preference within the 20-30-year-old segment.

Campaign details

Rosendahl Design Group collaborated with Brandheroes on campaigns for their brands Global, Juna and Bjørn Wiinblad. The goal was to create brand awareness and preference amongst the younger generation across Denmark. For their interior textile brand, Juna, which has created beautiful Scandinavian bedsheets, table cloths, rugs and pillows since 1972, Brandheroes identified 12 interior micro-influencers across five cities in Denmark.

The 12 brandheroes shared two posts during the campaign. First, they were gifted with two beautiful quality bed sheets, so they could style their bedroom and create a personal interpretation of a Juna bedroom image. They shared on Instagram with the hashtags #juna and two other selected hashtags. The second Juna experience came in a package with an elegant festive table cloth, with which the brandheroes could lay out and decorate a stylish table for the festive season.

The brandheroes not only created brand awareness, preference and high engagement within an untapped segment. They also produced beautiful images, which Juna has activated as authentic content across their channels.

The 12 brandheroes were true micro-influencers with between 550 and 6300 followers, and a combined following of 26.669 people. They posted in total 33 beautiful images, which had 76.356 impressions and 4.286 likes and comments. This amounted to an average engagement rate of 8%, where the best engagement rate for one post were impressive 22,8%.




12 local micro-influencers


33 posts in total


Total combined followers: 26.669


Total reach of all posts:



Total engagements: 4.286
likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 8 %


Full-service model over
30 days

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