Campaign Awareness

Campaign Goal

The L’ORÉAL Group activated local, Swedish Brandheroes across multiple cities for their exclusive heritage skincare brand Kiehl’s. The goal was to create brand awareness and preference among 25-35-year-old men and women across Sweden.

Campaign Details

Kiehl’s products are known for their natural ingredients and heritage-driven packaging going back to their family pharmacy in New York 1851. On our mission to find the right influencers for the campaign, we looked for people that could align with Kiehl’s brand image and amplify their message.

We identified 16 personal-care and fashion micro-influencers across all of Sweden. The 16 brandheroes shared a single post each during the campaign. They were gifted with a goodie bag containing a few of Kiehl’s most popular products for him & her, worth 670 SEK (retail price). They were later told to get to know the products over a period of time and take a picture of the products in a personal bathroom environment. They shared the post on Instagram with the hashtags #KiehlsFavorites and two other selected hashtags.

The 12 brandheroes were true micro-influencers with between 669 and 4820 followers, and a combined following of 34.567 people. They posted in total 16 beautiful images, which had 34.567 impressions and 2.610 likes and comments. This amounted to an average engagement rate of 9.4%, where the best engagement rate for one post were impressive 20,8%.

The micro-influencers not only created brand awareness, preference and high engagement within an untapped segment. They also produced beautiful images, which Kiehl’s has shared as authentic content across its channels.




16 local micro-influencers


16 posts in total


Total combined followers: 34.567


Total reach of all posts:  34.567



Total engagements: 2.610 likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 9,4%


Full-service model     over 30 days

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