Linnea Funk

Hero of the Week – Linnea Funk

I discovered @linneafunks in May 2016 during our #MyBMB campaign, which used Brandheroes to feature user generated content in our stores and website.

Linnea posted this beautiful image in a By Malene Birger jumpsuit on the Dokk1 staircase in Aarhus, Denmark. Back then, she was a local micro influencer with about 7000 followers. However, I was really impressed with her unique Danish style, identifiable Aarhus spots, and her high interaction rates.

She really connected with her followers, who were not all youngsters, but +25 years old affluent women. This was exactly the kind of following we needed on a local micro-influencer level, so that we could build brand awareness around the local store.

Linnea has therefore been a By Malene Birger Aarhus-ambassador ever since. In the 18 months that has passed, her following has grown to 38.000 and she has helped promote store events, campaigns, new products and general brand awareness – and she even came to a fashion-tech conference in London with us to tell her story as a local ambassador.

//Rina Hansen, Marketing & Omnichannel Director, By Malene Birger

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