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Luke Catleugh

Name: Luke Catleugh

Instagram name: @lukecatleugh

Location: London


Who is Luke Catleugh really?

This is something I have always struggled to answer, and day to day I still discover things about myself. I guess you could just describe me as a happy go lucky northerner living in London with a huge taste for all thing’s food and life. I am 21, just going into my final year at university and I am obsessed with food.


What do you do, to stand out on social media?

Again, this is so difficult to answer. EVERYONE is on social media, and the industry is very saturated with people trying to give the whole “influencer” or “blogger” thing a go. I get asked this question a lot, and for me it is just about being genuine. People love to see real content. I got stuck in a rut a few months back of getting tied into the men’s fashion scene, then I realised my lifestyle posts were going down so much better with my audience. I like to share my highs and my lows on social media, one day I might be painting a wall, the next at a fancy restaurant. I just like to be transparent, real and authentic.


What campaigns do you like to do the most, as an influencer?

For me, all the campaigns I take on I love. However, food campaigns always get me excited as they usually allow complete creative freedom. The world of food is huge, so when a brand that you love reaches out, you can really be as creative as you like. That’s when I create my best work/content.


Who is you biggest inspiration for Instagram pictures?>?

I have so many inspirations when it comes to my content. For fashion images, Adam @iamgalla absolutely nails it, his imagery is stunning. For all thing’s lifestyle, Carrie from @wishwishwish is really up there. Her posts are so beautifully thought out and she sure knows how to use a camera. For food, I have two. I love Izy Hossack – her food styling is stunning, and even @waitroseandpartners their recipe imagery is second to none.


What would you say is the biggest mistakes people make on Instagram posts?

I feel like there aren’t really any mistakes to make with Instagram posts, only ways to do things differently next time. Of course, there are thousands of posts that go live on Instagram every day, some may get more likes than others. However, I would say as long as you put up the best content you feel you can create, then you are never going to make a mistake. I mean, naturally adding Instagram’s own Valencia filter probably isn’t something I would recommend.


What do you think is your secret weapons, to get the highest engagement on a post?

I think there are a lot of factors to high, authentic engagement. Key emphasis on the word authentic, we all know what I am referring to there. Posting times effect my engagement dramatically. I tend to follow the rule of either first thing in the morning, or around 6:30pm onwards. These are the two times my audience seem to be most active. Using the right hashtags is a huge factor, if Instagram allows you to use thirty tags per post, use them! Also, post images you feel your audience will like and naturally engage with, even open-ended questions in captions tend to make people like and comment.


Why should people care about their own Instagram game? / What are the benefits of a strong social media appearance?

I have always said that your social media presence is an extension of yourself. If you put something out on social media that isn’t you, or genuine to the things you like, then people will get a perception of you that isn’t entirely true. Now more than ever, your online presence is so important. Not only if you are starting out in the blogging world, but just in general. Things like job interviews, a strong social media presence could set you apart from others who share photos of their Pret sandwich and them at an office party three years ago.

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