Campaign Awareness

Agency: Vizeum
Brand: Matas

Campaign goal

Create product awareness and social content around Matas’ own-brand sunscreen products

Media Mix

Vizeum rolled out the campaign across the following media to create maximum impact for Matas:

  • Outdoor
  • Web banners
  • Print ads
  • TV commercial
  • Newsletters
  • Facebook ads
  • Brandheroes Post on Demand

Brandheroes campaign flow

  1. Vizeum sent a campaign proposal containing profiles, target group and content brief including hashtags to Brandheroes
  2. Within 24 hours, Brandheroes returned with 20 suggested profiles for approval. The profiles were all carefully selected and casted. First, by algorithms measuring audience demographics and engagement rates. Secondly, by validating profile and brand-fit by a trained human eye. In addition, Vizeum approved the signup link, which would be sent to the influencers, and the influencer-brief.
  3. Brandheroes contacted, activated and monitored the selected 10 influencers – and the campaign was up and running within five days.
  4. After the campaign, the Brandheroes team wrapped up KPIs including reach, engagement, audience demographics and images in a report, which Vizeum could integrate in their final report for Matas

Results? 10 Brandheroes shared their favourite Summer moment, where they were wearing the Matas sunscreen. They received the entire Matas sunscreen product line as thanks for spreading the word.
Easy peacy! Integrating local influencers in the media mix doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive. Brandheroes offer full-service handling and fixed prices on the entire campaign.

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