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  • Name: Carina Ervill / @Mrscarlissa
  • Profile: Interior
  • Location: Denmark
  • Followers: 235.000

How did you start as an Instagrammer?

I used to post about all sorts of things; my kids, our holidays, home and you know… life. But when we moved to a new house, about two years ago, I started to search for interior inspiration and then to post about my process of decorating the house. From that point, it just took off. I deleted all other photos and just posted about my interior decoration every day.


Which camera do you use?

I just use my Samsung phone. It’s much better than an iPhone, you can actually tell the difference in image quality in my feed when I changed from iPhone to Samsung!

I rarely edit my photos, but when I do, I use the Instagram filters. I think Instagram really likes when I spend time on the platform doing this – somehow, they reward it by giving my posts exposure.


What have you found really works?

I constantly test to understand what my followers like to see and I have learned that they want inspiration. For example, they do not really react to a close up of a new vase, they want to see that vase on the shelf and in my environment.


What is the secret to gaining followers?

Instagram changes all the time, so it’s hard to find the secret sauce. However, a few things that really work are:

– Post every day, as in do not skip a day! Otherwise, you lose the exposure

– Use the analytics as soon as can to see when your followers are on Instagram and plan your posts. But don’t use an automatic posting system, Instagram doesn’t like that!

– Use hashtags so followers can find you. But don’t copy them in and don’t use the same every day. Believe it or not, Instagram likes when you type them out in the post.

– Spend at least two hours every day liking, commenting and following your followers and other inspirational profiles. Repost the ones you love and that fit in your feed to create goodwill.


What is the best thing about Instagramming?

It’s a wonderful community. I have gotten so many friends – friends I write with every day and share experiences, tips and tricks with. I honestly have the sweetest followers from all over the world. Last week, this old lady from Brazil wrote me that she and her friends meet every week to go through my posts, discuss them and get inspiration from them. It’s become their hobby. It’s really heart-warming and it’s such an amazing feeling to be able to inspire people.

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