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Natalie Elting Johnsen

Name: Natalie Elting Johnsen

Instagram name: @natalie_ej

Location: Norway

Who is Natalie Elting Johnsen?

I’m a fashion geek, literally! Studying Computer Science and I love fashion! If I’m not at school or out shopping you probably find me with a camera in my hands. I use a lot of time to take pictures of everything from nature, to people, or maybe fashion pics. I just like to use the light, find those interesting angels and shoot away. I actually had a blog for a lot of years ago, and kind of regret that I gave it up, because there is nothing that excites me more than to be able to inspire others, share my story and most valuable, be able to help others. Now I’m trying to do that through Instagram.

Most people who don’t know me sometimes think I have this strong, almost bitchy attitude I heard because I’m really honest, but once you get to know, you will discover that I am not at all. If there is one quote I’m living by, its: Treat others how you want to be treated. I love to meet new people, make new friends, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to help out my family and friends, they mean the world to me.


What do you do, to stand out on social media?

For me it is important to find your own thing, and stay consistent to that! Since I’m studying one thing and have a lot of other interests like fashion, healthy food and makeup(the list is so much longer) I think it’s hard to choose one area for my instagram, so instead I try to focus on the pictures them selves. I want them to be interesting and inspiring, and I’m trying to keep the light and the colors to match each other even though I vary in what the subject in the pictures are.

My number one tip is quality over quantity! Take you time to get the photo you want, don’t just post a photo because you feel its time with a new one!

Be yourself, the unique person that you are, and show it!


What campaigns do you like to do the most, as an influencer?

Every product that looks good on camera and I really could have used my own money on and truly recommend to my followers. It can be everything from perfumes, fashion items, or other nice accessories like phone cases or jewelry. I really like campaigns that I can only shoot the product, show it off, and maybe someone will feel inspired and try it out. Giveaways is also so much fun to do, if the product or price is really good.


Who is you biggest inspiration for Instagram pictures?>?

That’s a hard question, there are so many good instagramers and amazing accounts out there, but if I were to mention one it would be Matilda. She’s so natural, beautiful, super cute and has amazing pictures that’s really inspires you. But even though I do follow so many amazing people and gets inspired every day I never try to copy a image, instead I use that inspiration to do my own thing.


What would you say is the biggest mistakes people make on Instagram posts?

As mentioned earlier, always think quality over quantity! Another huge mistake is to posting a lot of pictures in a row. People will find it spammy!

Also don’t overdo the hashtags. Use those who are relevant, but don’t just hashtag everything, you’ll end up looking kind of needy or trying to hard.

But the number one thing to don’t do is to buy followers, that’s a no go!


What do you think is your secret weapons, to get the highest engagement on a post?

I am still trying to figure this out myself, haha! But number one, make sure the picture is eye-catching, something that will make your followers stop scrolling their feed and instead have an extra look at your post, and read your captions. This leads me to tips number two, and I am horrible at this myself: have an interesting caption. Be either funny, ask a question that makes your followers want to answer, or say something smart, like a good quote that can match the picture.

Another good tip is to engage on your followers pictures aswell, give and take.


Why should people care about their own Instagram game?

One really good reason is that it will give you so many unique opportunities that you most likely wouldn’t have gotten otherwise if you really gives it a shot! I have this friend that is a model for a local sports brand which she got through instagram, I get to test out and discover products and recommend the ones that I like. But most important do it because you want to share something, no matter if it is that you are passionate about art, makeup, food or maybe knitting! I love to have the opportunity to share my life and inspire others, and it is so satisfying when I meet new people and they get amazed about my instagram-effort when adding me. Having a strong social media appearance gives you the opportunity to show the world who you are and tell your own story.

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