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Campaign goal

The Danish discount retailer Normal, which offers household and self-care products, wanted to spread awareness through local micro-influencers, upon opening new stores in Sweden.

Campaign details

Normal has collaborated with Brandheroes over a couple of years across cities in Sweden, Norway and Denmark to help create awareness around their store openings and generate ongoing traffic to the stores.

The following results details our Malmø case, as Normal’s impressive store expansion reached this beautiful city. Here, the goal was to create awareness around their diverse product portfolio and competitive prices on everyday goods, especially amongst the young women in Sweden – so Brandheroes identified the most influential micro-influencers in Malmø with a great Normal brand-fit.

In Malmø, 10 micro-influencers shared two posts during the campaign. Firstly, they were given a shopping voucher, so they could explore and sample the many “normal” products available in their one-way maze-styled store. The influencers very likely knew the products already. But now they got familiar with the store and realized they could stock up on their regular beauty and household basics in one spot – for the cheapest price anywhere. Two pictures were posted by the influencers, showing off some of their “normal” findings in an everyday setting – no glamorous setting, just a real, “normal” one. They shared the photos on Instagram with the hashtags #detärheltnormalt together with two other selected hashtags.

The 10 brandheroes were genuine micro-influencers with amongst 656 and 6328 followers, and a combined following audience of 28.030 people. They posted in total 20 stunning images, which had 56.060 impressions and 3.855 likes and comments. This amounted to an average engagement rate of 10,5%, where the best engagement rate for one post was impressive 43,4%.

The micro-influencers not only created brand knowledge, preference and good engagement within an untapped segment. They also produced gorgeous images, which Normal has shared authentic content across its channels.




10 local micro-influencers


20 posts in total


Total combined followers: 28.030


Total reach of all posts: 56.060



Total engagements:

3.855 Likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 10,5%


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