Generating Awareness

Campaign Goal

Panda Lakrids wanted to create awareness of their recent product launch of “Choko Lakrids Kugler” using local influencers on Instagram to frame the candy product in a trendy and tasty setting, fuelling the desire for “me-time”.

Campaign Details

Beautiful and clean is the new admission requirements in Instagram’s world of successful candy pictures, which has proven to work above all. One mouthwatering post can even result in people starting their car at 22:30 to stack on “supplies” at the nearest supermarket after a scroll in the news feed.

Liquorice – either you love it, or you hate it. For the gigantic portion of the population who adores the salty sweet black candies, Panda had a new photogenic and very “Instagrammable” creation ready on the Danish shelves.

Liquorice balls with chocolate coating – and if you think it sounds fancy, wait till you see how it looks on camera. All the way from the cream pastel colour packaging in a zipped bag to the candy itself.

50 female influencers at the age of 24-40 were selected by Brandheroes and gifted the two newest additions of Panda. After that, they were instructed to share two posts each on Instagram showcasing their love for “me-time” together with Panda.

The pictures focused on enjoyment, friendship and beautiful background decor – framing the candy as a quality choice. The two new variations had to be presented each and accompanied with a single sponsored story on Instagram as well.

The campaign took advantage of our “Post On Demand” service, ensuring additional campaign photos and awareness.

Here, influencers were asked to pitch in their best shot of the Panda candy in a creative, decorative – yet fashionable manner. The influencers could easily get their hands on the products, because it’s so affordable at stores.

In total, 122 beautiful pictures from 61 influencers got approved with some encouraging words in the caption and tagged with @panda.


Campaign Results

This Post On Demand and full-service campaigns combined a total of 61 lifestyle and food enthusiastic micro influencers from Denmark to impact top of mind awareness of the arrival of Panda Liquorice in grocery stores and gas stations nationally. Collectively, they held a combined potential reach of 357.685 people, and their posts got 16.182 likes and comments, which amounted to an average engagement rate of 5.0%. The best engagement rate was a striking 22.4%.

The Brandheroes app is our Post on Demand service and is all about exposing your campaign and brand in front of a targeted group of our influencers (filtered by location, gender and influencer category), who pitches unique posts for you and thereafter engages their followers who has an affinity for your product category. You only pay for the posts that you approve and will receive full service - meaning that we take care of everything – from campaign creation and setup in app to approval of posts, payment of influencers and reporting, even product shipment.

The results will give you authentic post-on-demand content, genuine reach within a targeted consumer group, as well as, the good engagement rates, which micro-influencers are known for. And the bonus? Apart from content control, you’ll get the copyright for all the content and rights to use it infinitely across all your channels.




61 local micro-influencers


122 posts in total


Total combined followers:



Total reach of all posts: 357.685



Total engagements: 16.182 likes & comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 5,0%


Full Service

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