Supporting local store openings


Campaign goal

Create awareness around a store opening, hype and attendance at the opening event.

Campaign details

Brandheroes collaborated with Pieces, a Danish fashion brand for women, for the re-opening of their store in Den Haag, Holland.

16 local micro-influencers were selected and casted. Firstly, by using audience reports to ensure they had a good following from Den Haag area and that the followers were interested in fashion. Secondly, by a trained brandhero eye to ensure the girls had a perfect brand-fit with the Pieces brand.

The local brandheroes first posted an image with Pieces styles before the store opening, to create brand awareness and announce the opening. Then they attended the opening of the store where they shared an Instagram post and a story.

The 16 brandheroes had between 850 and 33.000 followers with a combined following of 55.946 people. They posted in total 34 images, which had 141.576 impressions and 17.685 likes and comments. This amounted to an astonishingly high average engagement rate of 18,9%. One of the brandheroes, @sanguineradier, had engagement rates of 35,1% and 40,9% on her two posts. Now, this is what we call superhero magic!

Pieces continue to collaborate with their brandheroes in Den Haag and have already used other local brandheroes for store openings in different cities in Europe. For them, it surely puts a store on the map.

All in all, this an impactful and cost-effective way of creating a buzz around store openings.




16 local micro-influencers


34 posts in total


Total combined followers: 55.946


Total reach of all posts:



Total engagements: 17.685
likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 18,9%


Full-service model for a shop opening

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