Campaign Awareness

Campaign goal

Create brand awareness and support global reach for Pilgrim

Campaign details

Pilgrim collaborated with Brandheroes on a global campaign, where the goal was to create brand awareness and support global reach amongst women across Northern Europe and Canada.

101 local influencers from 12 cities in Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the UK were carefully selected and casted. First, by using audience reports to ensure they had a good following from the targeted area and that the followers had a love for jewellery. Secondly, by a trained human eye to ensure the influencers were a good match with the Pilgrim brand – and could add that extra finesse to the brand though their interpretation and styling of the products.

The local influencers shared posts of jewellery with the hashtag #pilgrimjewellery and brought back some impressive results. They had a combined following of 409.648 people and posted 262 beautiful Pilgrim images, which in total had an impressive engagement rate of 9.8%. The highest engagement rate for one image was 65,2%, which is simply outstanding.

Pilgrim were impressed with the results. So much so, that they continue to work with their favourite brandheroes and activate even more influencers across the markets.


Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK, Denmark


101 local micro-influencers


262 posts in total


Total combined followers:  409.648


Total reach of all posts:




Total engagements: 122.041

likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 9.8%


Full-service model over
14 days

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