Brand Awareness

Campaign Goal

Plantorama wanted to remind the Danes that plants can transform the entire indoor environment and atmosphere for the better. So, for this campaign our amazing army of micro influencers created 11 plant-astic photos to kick off Plantorama’s influencer-marketing journey.

Campaign Details

Houseplants have many positive effects. For instance, looking at them for 30 seconds reduces stress and gives you piece of mind. Plantorama wanted to spread this message and help people find a plant that complimented them and their home. All it took, was 11 cool and trendy plant-loving micro influencers and our Brandheroes community app.

The influencers were asked to take the most idyllic and wonderful pictures of their favourite houseplants. The plants had to be from Plantorama and could be a selection of carnivores, spikey or purple. It would even be a joy to purchase them, if the influencers didn’t already have them at home, as Plantorama has explorative large stores full of tactile experiences in many Danish cities. This resulted in 11 awesome green pictures, shared on Instagram for the green community of followers. Our micro-influencers used the traceable campaign hashtag #plantorama plus the redirecting tag @plantorama for increased traffic and potential new followers.

This campaign only required the influencers to have a nice and healthy green plant in order to create useful marketing content. Simple rules, smooth campaign. The easy setup ensured the campaign went effortlessly – from our community app to the media stream of thousands of followers.


Campaign Results

This Post on Demand campaign united 11 plant-loving influencers from Denmark to create top of mind awareness in the desired segment. Collectively, they held a combined reach of 18.0797 people and their posts got 865 likes and comments, which amounted to an average engagement rate of 5%. The best engagement rate was 12,7%.


The Brandheroes app is our Post on Demand service and is all about exposing your campaign and brand in front of a targeted group of our influencers (filtered by location, gender and influencer category), who pitches unique posts for you and thereafter engages their followers who has an affinity for your product category. You only pay for the posts that you approve and will receive full service – meaning that we take care of everything – from campaign creation and setup in app to approval of posts, payment of influencers and reporting, even product shipment.

The results will give you authentic post-on-demand content, genuine reach within a targeted consumer group, as well as, the good engagement rates, which micro-influencers are known for. And the bonus? Apart from content control, you’ll get the copyright for all the content and rights to use it infinitely across all your channels.




11 local micro-influencers


11 posts in total


Total combined followers: 18.097


Total reach of all posts: 18.097



Total engagements:  865 likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 5%


Post on Demand service over 14 days

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