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This Week’s Hero: Quinten Van Puyenbroeck
Instagram name: @Quintenvp
Country: Netherlands

Why was it a good collaboration with the Brandheroes team?
Because we were a natural fit; combining the same vision regarding online & social media content. Finding one another and working together professionally to create quality and well-thought-out content only reinforced the motivation to create.

Why was it a good collaboration with the brands
Rains was such a good collab because I genuinely believed in their brand and styling as a whole. Prior to the collab I already owned a couple of Rains items so it felt natural to go along and do this together with Brandheroes.

What are your tip and tricks for other Brandheroes?
Just stick to your own identity and try not to deviate too much into the likeness of others. Just be you and stick to it. Always prioritize the importance of true quality content. Quality over Quantity! Stay focused and don’t give up on the things you want to achieve. Try to match your personality and styling into your ideas and vision, creating the ultimate combination with regards to social influencing.

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