Hyping a store opening

Campaign goal

Create hype around a new store opening and generate targeted traffic to the store.

Campaign details

 RAINS is a Danish cult outerwear brand that has won the functional fashion space within just a few years and has grown into an accomplished International aspirational brand, opening stores around the world. Brandheroes collaborated with RAINS to create awareness and hype around the store openings.

An example was the store opening in Copenhagen, where 15 local influencers were carefully selected to harness local hype. They received a rainwear product and snapped photos with the rainwear, each in their own, creative style. The local influencers were also invited to the store opening, together with their friends, sharing the news and buzz with the target group. They all had different approaches to the Rains styling and each shared cool, authentic interpretations through two posts during the campaign: one before the store opening – announcing the happening – and one after.

The 15 influencers reached 138.048 people on Instagram where they posted 29 inspiring pictures in total. This amounted to an average engagement rate of 9,2%, where the highest engagement rate for one post was 23,1%. In addition, 1.600 people on Facebook showed their interest in the store opening and more than 1000 people attended on the opening night.

RAINS, the brand itself, has 123.700 followers on Instagram with an average engagement rate of 1,2% and the best engagement rate for one post is 2,4%. So, they were very happy with the campaign results. For them, it helped put their store on the map – in a digital-meets-physical impactful and cost-effective way.




15 local micro-influencers


29 posts in total


Total combined followers: 72.772


Total reach of all posts:




Total engagements: 10.682
likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 9,2%


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