Campaign Awareness

Campaign Goal

The leading Scandinavian movie distributer Scanbox Entertainment joined forces with local influencers to turn the spotlight on the Hollywood movie I Feel Pretty. They did so through Post on Demand service, where influencers pitched in on the campaign via the Brandheroes app.

Campaign Details

The movie is about battling insecurities and low self-esteem, sending an important message, which Scanbox and Brandheroes wanted to help spread.

In I Feel Pretty, Amy Schumer plays a woman struggling with confidence, but after a head injury, she suddenly believes she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. The movie portrays the fact, that what you believe, you become. It inspires women to shine beyond their imperfections.

The campaign was featured in our Brandheroes community app and it engaged female influencers with a heart for social causes. Influencers pitched a confidence-packed selfie along with the statement watermark I Feel Pretty and awaited the approval from Scanbox. It was possible to add this moveable, branded watermark to the photo to make it clear what the message was about. With this campaign, our influencers got the chance to spread true, heartfelt encouragement along with the news of a new cinema movie.

The content creation was fairly easy for the influencers – and perfect for a Post on Demand campaign. All they needed was to capture the right attitude selfie, add a specific caption with the branded hashtag #IFEELPRETTY and upload it to our app.


Campaign Results

During the campaign, the 15 influencers shared a powerful life affirming message and created awareness for the film through engaging photos. The influencers had a combined following of 17.077 people, and their posts got 1.464 likes and comments in total, which resulted in a remarkable average engagement rate of 10,10%


Campaign Costs

Scanbox paid €90 per post, which covered campaign creation and setup in app, as well as, approval of posts, payment of influencers and reporting, and even product shipment. This got Scanbox three outstanding results: 15 pieces of unique Post-on-Demand content, campaign awareness through genuine reach in a certain interest and age group, as well as, the great engagement rates, which micro-influencers are known for. A great package for the small sum of €1.350 

We rewarded our I Feel Pretty influencers who made this amazing content and reach possible with €50 worth of Brandcoins to spend in our exclusive webshop, regardless of their individual number of followers on social media.

The Brandheroes app is our Post on Demand service and is all about exposing your campaign and brand in front of a targeted group of our influencers (filtered by location, gender and influencer category), who pitches unique posts for you and thereafter engages their followers who has an affinity for your product category. You only pay for the posts that you approve and will receive full service – meaning that we take care of everything – from campaign creation and setup in app to approval of posts, payment of influencers and reporting, even product shipment.

The results will give you authentic post-on-demand content, genuine reach within a targeted consumer group, as well as, the good engagement rates, which micro-influencers are known for. And the bonus? Apart from content control, you’ll get the copyright for all the content and rights to use it infinitely across all your channels.




15 local micro-influencers


15 posts in total


Total combined followers: 17.077


Total reach of all posts:  17.077



Total engagements: 1.464 likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 10,1%


Post on Demand service over 14 days

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