Sophie Eliseeva

During Milan SS18 Fashion Week we interwieved @Sophiesavenue, and she is one the sweetest persons you’ll ever meet at a fashion week (she goes to them all). At home in Russia, she is a mother to a seven-year old beautiful boy and runs her own style consultancy. We asked her about her top tips and tricks:

What is the most important thing for you in a post?

I always try to show my style and my personality. My followers can easily see if I do something that’s not authentic, but staged and sponsored. I therefore only say yes to working with brands and products that I love.

How do you show your personality?

I show it through my expressions – and set the entire image around that feeling. Can you offer some visual tips and tricks? I love being conceptual, living the role of the image. So if I’m in Italy, I add something Italian, like a baguette, a pizza, a chic head scarf or simply the colours of the country. The colour schemes are very important for me.

How do you shoot so many images?

Actually, being a busy mother, I can’t shoot every day. So, sometimes I go out with a few outfits and shoot different images in one day. You have to be in the mood and have time to create inspirational posts.

What is the most important thing for your followers?

That I post every day! When I’m on holiday and don’t post, I receive lots of messages asking me to post. But I’m like, hey I also need a holiday now and then.

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