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We proudly introduce Post on Demand

Imagine having the horsepower of the world’s most effective form of marketing in an app, giving you absolute control over what content you want to pay for. This is exactly what we now offer at Brandheroes with our “Post on Demand” package. This is the best solution out there – plain and simple, yet effective and results driven.

No matter if you are opening up a store, launching a product, want to create brand awareness or simply want more traffic to your website – Post on Demand is a solution that will get the job done effectively.

Who are these influencers we work with?

Our influencer community is exclusive. We handpick people who are true to their interests and produce frequent, high quality and personal social media content. This helps us generate target groups and match brands with the right influencers. This selection will guarantee an authentic and relevant output that seamlessly flows with the rest of the influencer’s content. Another requirement we set for the influencers is that they have at least 500 genuine followers. This ensures the high-quality product we promise to deliver every time.

How does it work?

You tell us how many posts you are looking for, what kind of personalities you want to represent your brand and what photographic style you aim for. We take it from there and use our influencer community app to create the perfect content and expose it to a truly unique audience who trust in what their cool influencers are posting.

So, how does this magical community app work?

The Brandheroes app is our Post on Demand service. This is where we expose your campaign and brand to a targeted group of our influencers who then pitch a post to you. If you approve, they will share it with their followers. We ensure relevant and trustworthy reach by filtering location, gender and influencer category to aim for the perfect influencer marketing experience.

The results will give you authentic Post on Demand content, genuine reach, as well as an incredible engagement rate, unlike any other marketing strategy. And, you can use the influencers’ content on all your channels.

What can you expect to profit from us?

It’s been proven over and over again by our clients and by the world of marketing, that the average return of investment with micro influencers is high as a mountain. An average ROI of 760% has even been detected by the trustworthy marketing source, influencermarketinghub.com.

How about the cost?

This is a kind of product that needs to be experienced in order to truly comprehend how brilliant it is. We can learn much from ice cream shops, at least the fact that a little taste sample will show you how a product is, and how it changes your world. This is why we offer you to try it out with 10 posts as a start bundle. But be careful. You’ll probably want more, so don’t say we didn’t warn you first.

The price for a true value-proposing influencer post is only 90 euro. They expose the post to their private audience, which can range from 500-20.000 followers. They usually need to buy your product themselves and they get rewarded by Brandheroes through a point currency: Brandcoinsävalued 50 euro.

With Brandcoins, the influencers can purchase incredible products in our webshop.

If you want to read more about some successful Post on Demand campaigns, click here.

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