Top 10 Brandheroes


Top 10 Brandheroes in 2017

Number 1:

Name: Astrid Brynnum Andersen

Instagram name: @astridandersenb

Campaigns: Border Shop, Erik Sørensen, Lillet, Innocent

Why is she a Top 10 Brandhero? Astrid has an amazing way of communicating the brand identity in a witty and inspiring way. Her photos are colourful and energetic, and it’s easy to see that she is enjoying herself – as well as her followers on Instagram. As a plus, Astrid is easy to work with.

What is her strong-card? Astrid has her own fun way of communicating brand identity. For starters, she is creative and always uses colours to underline her playful and fun personality. Astrid has a good engagement rate on all of her pictures and the brand pictures blend in perfectly on her Instagram feed.

What can others learn from her? That fun and colour really works. Astrid sure knows how to bring out a smile.

What did the brand say about her? She was the perfect fit.

Number 2:

Name: Laura EckardtInstagram

name: @lauraeckardt

Campaigns: ILLUM x-mas, 24Bottles, Absolut Vodka, Minimum

Why is she a Top 10 Brandhero? We love Laura because she delivers high quality. Her content is trustworthy and credible in a way that matches her own personal brand identity – and that’s no matter which product or brand she works with.

What is her strong-card? Laura has a strong brand interpretation and understanding topped with lots of creativity. If you benchmark her organic content with her paid content, Laura still manages to have the same high engagement rate no matter what content she shares. And that’s a very strong asset.

What can others learn from her? Others can learn a lot from Laura. First of all, they can learn how important it is to understand and interpret the brand they are working with. Secondly, they can learn how to create alignment between the brand and their own personal image and style so there is a clear consistency.

What did the brand say about her? All the brands love to collab with Laura because she is stylish and professional and her content is always spot on.

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Number 3: 

Name: Quinten Van Puyenbroeck

Instagram name: @Quintenvp

Campaign: Rains, Antwerp

Why is he a top 10 Brandhero? Quinten is our top pick because he has a super strong local impact in Antwerp combined with excellent content.

What is his strong-card? Quinten really did an amazing job. He understood Rains’ brand DNA and mixed it with his own lifestyle in an urban and cool way. He used architecture and his surroundings to embrace the brand identity of Rains and merge traditional outerwear with fashion and style.

What can others learn from him? They can learn how to use storytelling as part of their content so the brand and products blend with the influencer’s own identity.

What did the brand say about him? Rains were so happy to have Quinten on board as brand ambassador because his personal brand matches their own brand heritage and image.

Number 4: 

Name: Diana Bach Bak

Instagram name: @ladybachbak

Campaigns: Lego House, InToy, Cewe fotobog

Why is she a Top 10 Brandhero? Diana Bach Bak is on our Top 10 list because she’s an amazing storyteller. Diana is not afraid to show the funny or challenging side of parenthood. She is honest and straight forward. She always sticks to the deal and she often posts more than she has to. She also writes blogposts about the campaigns she’s part of.

What is her strong-card? Diana really knows how to give her followers an honest insight into her world filled with fashion and kids.

What can others learn from her? Others can learn that everything doesn’t have to be perfect on Instagram.

What did the brand say about her? They like her honest expression.

Number 5:

Name: Josephine Ejlersen

Instagram name: @josephineejlersen

Campaigns: ILLUM x-mas, Estée Lauder

Why is she a Top 10 Brandhero? Josephine portrays real brand love for both ILLUM and Estée Lauder, so it’s a perfect brand fit. Furthermore, she has a very stylish and exclusive profile that perfectly matches our exclusive and premium brands. She has a strong local impact and a high engagement rate that makes her a trustworthy fashionsta.

What is her strong-card? Josephine manages to add some coolness and edge to premium brands in a very stylish way, so it fits her own identity all the way.

What can others learn from her? Others can learn how important it is that the brand fit matches the persona.

What did the brand say about her? They like her elegant and raw silhouette.

Number 6: 

Name: Sarangi Paula Theva

Instagram name: @sarangipaula

Campaign: Trollbeads, Frankly Juice

Why is she a top 10 Brandhero? Sarangi had a huge impact on the result of the Frankly Juice campaign. Her two pictures were both in top 5 measured on engagement rate.

What is her strong-card? Frankly Juice wanted to use people who had a healthy, inspiring and fun Instagram profile, and Sarangi was a perfect match. She makes the brand blend in perfectly with her profile.

What can others learn from her? It’s easy to see that Sarangi cares about her profile, and that she tells her own story through her pictures.

What did the brand say about her? They have reposted her pictures – that’s the best compliment an influencer can get.

Number 7: 

Name: Jamie Barett

Instagram name: @jambarrett

Campaign: By Malene Birger

Why is she a top 10 Brandhero? Jamie really understands how to blend the products into her lifestyle in an authentic way. Moreover, she manages to score a super high engagement rate even though it’s just product features, which is really awesome.

What is her strong-card? Jamie understands and interprets the brand she works with and it looks like her own products on the go.

What can others learn from her? They can learn how to add authenticity and personality to their content.

What did the brand say about her? By Malene Birger was really happy to work with Jamie because she understood how to adopt the BMB products and transform them into her own universe – one that still matches the brand’s universe.

Number 8: 

Name: Kaleem Iverson

Instagram name: @iamnotki

Campaign: Ofo Milano

Why is he a Top 10 Brandhero? Kaleem deserves a spot on our Top 10 list because his high engagement rate shows that he has a really strong local impact.

What is his strong-card? Kaleem did a great job and it shows that he had fun biking around in Milan. Moreover, he was overwhelmed to be part of the campaign, which also shines through in his content.

What can others learn from him? Always be yourself and spread happiness.

What did the brand say about him? They love him because he radiates and embrace diversity

Number 9:

Name: Pernille Friis

Instagram name: @pernullefriis

Campaign: Juna, Bertelsens Naturprodukter

Why is she a top 10 Brandhero? Pernille has a high engagement rate. That, and her stylish pictures show that she understands the brand she is working with and that she manages to create authentic content.

What is her strong-card? Her profile tells a story. All her pictures have the same filter, and her photography shows that she cares about her Instagram and the message she sends to her followers.

What can others learn from her? That having a consistent style in all posts really makes a difference.

What did the brand say about her? They loved her authenticity.

Number 10: 

Name: Renee Sloth Hessellund

Instagram name: @j_reneesloth

Campaign: Caroline Flemming Beautiful Legs

Why is she a Top 10 Brandhero? Renee understands how to blend the products into her lifestyle in an authentic way. She has a good mix of product and outfit images. That, and she manages to keep a high engagement rate in all her four posts.

What is her strong-card? Renee makes a good brand ambassador because she shows off the products in such an inspiring way.

What can others learn from her? That everyday pictures works really good

What did the brand say about her? They really love her personal style.

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