Positioning & Awareness

Campaign Goal

The goal was to position and strengthen the city of Aarhus to become the most favoured city for couples, with or without children, seeking romance and entertainment. This was possible by letting influencer couples aged 30-50 share honest and personal stories and photogenic moments from Aarhus during Christmas 2018.

Campaign Details

Movies will tell us that the city of love is Paris, but reality paints another picture of where love can be found. That includes smaller, local and less famous cities that fuel the desire for a real “staycation”, prompting the realisation that the grass isn’t necessarily greener far away from home. The city of Aarhus has an incredible selection of quality activities, hotels and fun for anyone thirsty for new adventures and memories.

In order for Visit Aarhus to take over Instagram, they teamed up with 8 influencer couples who were invited to a soul-filling weekend in return for 4 captivating posts on Instagram and 4 stories to induce excitement and share truthful moments for their followers to experience. A full scheduled 2-day experience was arranged so the influencers could create the best, most authentic content. They stayed at a nice hotel, dined at the best restaurants and experienced attractions like the Old Town, Salling Rooftop and the local amusement park, all dipped in Christmas decorations to send a message of buzzing holiday cheer and wonder in the city of Aarhus.

The influencers were carefully handpicked on behalf of their ability to communicate to their followers, their playfulness towards creating beautiful content as well as their number of followers’ which ranged from 689 all the way up to 17.132 followers.

Posts were detailing the traceable hashtag #visitaarhus and #christmaswithaarhus, and they contained the tags for the visited attractions starred in the post for further information about the sites, igniting the excitement for curious followers.


Campaign results:

Each of the selected influencers was honest and trustworthy with a total audience of 43.848 people, potentially reaching 181.246 on Instagram. In total, they posted 34 pictures, 34 stories and received collectively 10.506 likes and comments.

The best performing post received an engagement rate of 29.4%, which is astonishing, considering micro influencers usually get 4%. The average engagement rate for all influencers were 5.9% amazing results from our cooperative and passionate Brandhero influencers.

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16 local micro-influencers


34 posts in total


Total combined followers:



Total reach of all posts: 181.246



Total engagements: 10.506 likes & comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 5,9%


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