Positioning & Awareness

Campaign Goal

The goal was to have incredibly talented communicators on social media create exiting content about Switzerland, in order to shape a new strengthened perspective on the country as a tourist destination.

Campaign Details

Switzerland, a place with stunning nature, Western architecture, rich authentic history and culture at its finest. On paper, the country looks like the perfect tourist destination, but in reality, tourism is not where it could be. To transform the perspective on Switzerland, and the many offers of its big cities, they teamed up with Brandheroes to pick nine of the most talented British influencers and Internet content creators to change the perception of Switzerland. The influencers were invited on a 3-day stay in different Swiss cities of unexpected gaze and wonder.

The 9 influencers got selected from three standpoints in order to cover the main values of a trip to Switzerland. Some were experts in design and art, others in food and nature photography. In return for an all-expenses-paid trip, the influencers were asked to share 4 individual posts each, and 3 Instagram stories to inform their huge audiences about what they experienced on their trip.

The selected influencers were aged 20-40 years and produced state-of-the-art content, covering landscapes, cuisine, and architectural motives – bringing forth the excitement for Switzerland. The hashtags #myswitzerland & #inlovewithswitzerland were added to the description of the posts.


Campaign results:

This full Service campaign united 9 lifestyle, food, architecture and nature photography influencers from Great Britain to stir up excitement and a general feel of Switzerland to British and European consumers looking for their next travel destination. Collectively, they held a combined potential reach of 2.109.456 people, and their 53 posts got 82.155 likes and comments, which amounted to an average engagement rate of 4.3%. 

The best engagement rate was literally 9.9%.

 The influencers delivered authentic content with genuine reach and noticeable passionate engagement – all complementing the marketing mix of Visit Switzerland.

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9 local micro-influencers


53 posts in total


Total combined followers:



Total reach of all posts: 2.109.456



Total engagements: 82.155 likes & comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 4,3%


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